Israel says it shot 3 people who fired at its forces in West Bank

By Reuters: The Israeli military said soldiers “neutralized” three people on Tuesday who had opened fire at its forces from a car in the occupied West Bank city of Nablus.

The military, in a statement, did not specify what condition the three people were in but Israel’s Army Radio said they were killed.

There was no immediate comment from Palestinian officials.

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Palestine TV showed footage of a military vehicle blocking access to the area of the incident, including to an ambulance, as soldiers appeared to carry out an inspection.

Violence in the West Bank has surged for over a year, with increased Israeli raids, Palestinian street attacks and settler rampages in Palestinian villages.

The northern West Bank city of Nablus has been a traditional centre of Palestinian resistance to Israel’s occupation.

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The Palestinians want to establish an independent state in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza, territories Israel occupied in a 1967 Middle East war.

US-sponsored statehood talks collapsed in 2014 and show no sign of revival while Israel has maintained military rule over millions of Palestinians and expanded West Bank settlements, which most countries deem illegal.

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