Italy man booked for living with mother's corpse for 6 years to collect her pension

By India Today World Desk: A man was booked for allegedly living with the corpse of his mother to use her retirement fund for six years in Italy, the country’s police said on Wednesday (May 29).

Authorities concerned tried to contact 86-year-old Helga Maria Hengbarth, who apparently didn’t collect her health insurance card for years, even during the Covid-19 pandemic, as per media reports.

Acting on this, concerned authorities tried to contact her, but the woman was unreachable. As a part of the emergency service, the police and fire tenders went to her apartment in northern Italy’s Verona, on May 25, as per the police. Being suspicious, they broke into her house.

Upon investigation, the authorities discovered that Helga’s half-decomposed body was packed inside a bag and kept on a bed. The search operation was conducted in the absence of Helga’s son.

The man surrendered himself to the police, after which the police launched a probe.

According to the police, the 60-year-old said that he told his neighbours that his mother went back to her hometown in Germany. The accused used to withdraw around EUR 30,000 (approx. Rs 26.54 lakh) every year. In total, he collected Rs 1.59 crore using the dead body of his mother, the police added.

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