Japanese diplomat attacked, shoved by US woman in anti-Asian 'hate crime': Court

By India Today World Desk: The top Japanese diplomat in Oregon was assaulted “unprovoked” in Portland by a homeless woman with a criminal antecedent of violence towards Asian people. The US authorities are probing the attack as a hate crime inflicted on 62-year-old Yoshioka Yuzo.

The attack was carried out last month in a suspected hate crime, according to court documents.

As per reports, the diplomat was shoved to the ground by the accused without any provocation. The accused, a 23-year-old woman, has been booked into the county jail on charges of assault and bias crime.


A newly released court record stated that Yuzo, the consul general for Portland’s Consular Office of Japan, was strolling near Southwest Park Avenue and Oak Street on June 17 when he was “jumped” and pushed to the ground.

Yuzo, a high-ranking civil servant, has been at his office in Portland since March this year. He was injured in the assault and sustained a cut to his skull. He was taken to a hospital for treatment. It is said that Yuzo was bleeding profusely with an injury on the rear side of his head when the authorities arrived.

“The poor guy (Yuzo) just went down,” The New York Post quoted an eyewitness as saying.


The suspected assailant was identified as Arissa Robinson and she has a history of hate crimes.

Shortly after the attack on Yuzo, Arissa had taken shelter inside the US Bancorp Tower and was located there. The court records stated that Arissa’s assault on the Japanese envoy was part of a “broader pattern” of her inflicting crimes and committing acts of violence against people of Asian descent.

In 2022, Arissa was arrested for allegedly giving multiple blows to the head of another elderly Asian man and even restraining him in a chokehold. This had reportedly prevented the victim from screaming for help as Arissa’s attack cut off the air supply to his body. Her charges, which included strangulation and harassment, were dismissed in January 2023.

Previously, Arissa was accused of “flipping people off” in Portland’s China Town. She had allegedly attacked a mother and child and even kicked the baby’s stroller with an infant inside.

“They were in the way so they got decked…I meant to do it,” Arissa was quoted as telling the police.

She had been arrested then but the charges were dropped the same day as the judge, keeping her other acts in mind, ruled that Arissa was unfit to stand trial. However, the attorney argued that Arissa didn’t show any “public safety concerns” and that she should not be sent to a mental hospital.

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