July 2021 Seed Sound Meditation: Ram

July 2021 Seed Sound Meditation: Ram

#July #Seed #Sound #Meditation #Ram

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Let us continue to make the most of these first 12 days of the year, by creating our July 2021. Imagine July 2021 providing just what you desired, with grace and ease. Allow yourself to experience what it’s like to receive that and some extra too. Prepare yourself to accept your good.

Using the Seed Sound “Ram” not only connects you to the vibration of July, but it brightens and strengthens your aura. You can listen or chant along with me in the Stories or use the link in my bio. Also, feel free to use that link to access the previous videos. It’s never too late to go back and create any months you may have missed. There is no moment like the present.

To see the Seed Sound Meditations for the other months of 2021 visit this playlist:

Feel free to email me info@erikalightbright.com about my Shakti Naam Yoga classes and private sessions. There is a lot more where this came from. 😉


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