Khanh My’s impressive bikini collection

Khanh My’s impressive bikini collection

Tuesday, June 29, 2021 10:52 AM (GMT+7)

Khanh My knows how to choose outfits that flatter her beautiful body.

Khanh My's impressive bikini collection - 1

Khanh My has just posted a picture of a swimsuit on her personal Instagram.

Recently, model and actress Khanh My posted pictures on her personal page Instagram. She chose to design a black swimsuit but still attractive enough thanks to the design of the wire that compliments the curves. Fans give many compliments to Khanh My’s beautiful body.

Besides her mark with art work, Khanh My is also successful in business. The beauty born in 1991 owns a “terrible” fortune, especially the building bearing her name in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh. Khanh My’s sweet love story with actor Tien Vu also makes people interested.

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Khanh My receives attention thanks to her beauty and talent in both business and art.

As a model, Khanh My also has an impressive fashion sense. In particular, the beauty owns a collection of shirts that are not only diverse in design but also expensive. Khanh My has the advantage of a beautiful body with a height of 1m71 with 3 standard measurements of which the 3rd round is more than 1 meter. This helps her to wear any outfit attractive, especially a swimsuit – a “weapon” to respect women’s figure.

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The beauty in a swimsuit of the Louis Vuitton brand is priced at more than 27 million.

Before comfortably wearing swimsuits to the beach, women’s swimming pools were not so free. In the beginning, what was called a swimsuit was still very bulky. Then they changed the design with waterproof material and embraced feminine curves.

Although currently, there are still controversies surrounding the issue of swimsuits being too sexy, but it is undeniably still a favorite item of women.

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Khanh My owns a collection of swimsuits with a variety of designs. Here, the beauty chooses to wear a monokini with a high hip cut and especially a large cut-out detail on the abdomen.

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Besides the familiar high waist cut, Khanh My also chose a strapless bikini. Just like other strapless outfits, this style helps to enhance a woman’s bust.

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It is not necessary to be fussy with swimsuits with colorful patterns or colors, sometimes simplicity is still outstanding enough. As with this white bikini by Khanh My.

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Khanh My also combines swimsuits with outerwear to be more discreet as well as make the outfit more impressive. The half-closed and half-open look also brings its own charm.

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Swimsuit is a sexy outfit, so it is easy to argue, but if cleverly dressed, it will bring a feminine beauty and honor the curves of women.


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