Khanh Van performed the national costume “Ken Em” before coming to the US

Khanh Van performed the national costume “Ken Em” before coming to the US

Wednesday, April 28, 2021 09:05 AM (GMT+7)

Miss Khanh Van is ready to go to the US to conquer Miss Universe.

Khanh Van shows off the national costume at the press conference.

To prepare for the journey to conquer Miss Universe, Khanh Van is scheduled to train, manage and train right after the coronation. Khanh Van herself is always in an active position, despite being affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, she still works hard to practice skills and improve her knowledge.

In the journey to Miss Universe, Miss Khanh Van is becoming more and more perfect in beauty, skills and style. Talking about herself before the battle for Miss Universe, Khanh Van said: “In the past few days, Khanh Van has clearly seen the competition atmosphere, so Van is very confident, feels abundant energy, is comfortable and is completely ready for the upcoming journey with Miss Universe.

Khanh Van had time to prepare and practice thoughtfully, before the high competitive pressure and fierce competition of the contest, Van cherished every moment of being the representative of Vietnam at Miss Universe. This year, many countries have invested heavily and potential contestants, so Khanh Van will try her best so as not to regret anything.”

Khanh Van with the designer.

Also in the program, Miss Khanh Van first presented the national costume named “Ken Em”, after many months of implementation. “Ken Em” is the winning costume of the contest “Selection of national costume design”, conceived and implemented by designer Khoa Lo with Tin Thai.

With the meaning of honoring Vietnam’s silk weaving, “Ken Em” is researched by the author using light, flying materials, combining foreign marcame tying techniques. The dominant white tone on the Ao Dai form helps Khanh Van not only have flexible steps, but also show the grace and elegance of the traditional Vietnamese woman.

Talking about this national costume, Miss Khanh Van expressed her thanks:Thank you so much to designers Khoa Lo and Tin Thai for helping Van have such a great outfit. “Ken Em” compared to the drawing is 90% similar, during the implementation process, the team discussed and agreed to change only a few details to make it easier to carry the cocoon behind, the rest are the same as the prototype. . When she saw the complete costume, Van had to exclaim: This is the national costume that I envisioned!”.

“Ken Em” will join Miss Khanh Van to the US for the National Costume competition, which will take place on May 13 (US time).

On May 2, Khanh Van will officially go to the US to fight Miss Universe. After that, she joined the schedule of the organizers, the semi-finals on May 14 and the final on May 16 (US time).


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