Weapons That Need to Return in Killing Floor 3

Highlights The Compound Bow should be included in Killing Floor 3 as a regular weapon for more players to access, as it is currently only available through DLC in KF2. The AA-12 Auto Shotgun is an essential weapon for Support perk players, and bringing it back in Killing Floor 3 will keep players interested in playing the Support class. The iconic Zweihander sword, along with other weapons from the Berserker perk, should be considered for inclusion in Killing Floor 3 due to their unique and satisfying gameplay mechanics.

The Killing Floor series is full of iconic weapons that players love to use for mowing down the hordes of specimens and other monstrosities that the game dishes out. Killing Floor 3 will hopefully have even more new weapons for players to use, experiment, and destroy with, but that doesn’t mean every great weapon from the older titles should move to the wayside.

There are dozens of different weapons spread across the various perks in both the original Killing Floor and Killing Floor 2 that are available for players to use. That makes it pretty tough to narrow down the exact ones that should graduate onward to the next installment of the game, but powerful weapons and weapons with a lot of flair and unique qualities about them are definitely ones that would be highlights in the next addition to the series.

Compound Bow compound bow killing floor 2 sharpshooter weapon

The Crossbow and Compound Bow weapons that come with the Sharpshooter perk are some of the most unique weapons within Killing Floor 2. They’re not only unique for being some of the only non-firearm weapons outside the Berserker perk, but these weapons also allow you to retrieve their ammo after being fired, adding an interesting layer of strategy to using these weapons which can come in handy during long waves when ammo can be scarce.

It would be great to see both the Crossbow and the Compound Bow make their way into Killing Floor 3, but the Compound Bow is definitely the more powerful of the two weapons, and it’s currently only accessible via DLC in KF2, so having it be a regular weapon in the new entry would allow a lot more players to access it.

AA-12 Auto Shotgun killing floor 2 aa12 automatic shotgun support weapon

Any Support perk player knows the AA-12 Auto Shotgun is one of the most essential weapons within Killing Floor 2. Not only does it have incredibly powerful fully-automatic shotgun blasts, but it’s also one of the easiest shotguns to reload within this perk since the player doesn’t have to painstakingly load in one shell at a time like with many of the other shotguns.

Tripwire has a big opportunity to retool and experiment with how the Support perk could work moving into the third Killing Floor game. The ability to weld doors can feel next to worthless on certain Killing Floor maps. Bringing the AA-12 back is a surefire way to keep players interested in playing Support, since it’s just an undeniably strong gun.

Zweihander killing floor 2 zweihander berserker sword weapon

Guns are great for killing zeds, but slaying waves of them with a massive sword called “Zweihander” is just an unmatched feeling. The Berserker perk is full of iconic weaponry, a lot of which could just as easily be argued for the weapons roster of Killing Floor 3, whether it be the Battle Axe, Bone Crusher, or the Static Shockers. There’s just something so iconic about the Zweihander sword, though.

Killing Floor’s Berserker perk lends itself to a lot of creativity. Tripwire essentially gets to ask itself, “What’s the best way to cut/bludgeon a specimen to death?” and then attempt to implement it, so there will undoubtedly be a lot of new interesting ideas in Killing Floor 3. Hopefully, the Zweihander can work its way in as well.

Thermite Bore killing floor 2 thermite bore firebug weapon

Firebug is one of the most unique perks within both Killing Floor games, even if it isn’t one of the go-tos for a lot of players. The burn damage the weapons of this perk can dish out can be extremely valuable, though, and the Thermite Bore is one of the most effective weapons Tripwire ever attached to the Firebug perk.

It’s a DLC weapon, so like the Compound Bow, many players haven’t had the opportunity to use the Thermite Bore yet. It’s possible that Tripwire could implement the Thermite Bore as a launch weapon for Killing Floor 3, though, which could easily launch the weapon to iconic status within the upcoming series entry.

Killing Floor 3 is currently in development.

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