Laid off Meta employee received layoff email at 4:30 AM, says he could not sleep all night

By Ankita Garg: Meta has begun a fresh round of layoffs at the company and it has impacted all the other platforms like Instagram. The laid-off employees are claiming that as many as 5,000 job cuts have been done as part of the company’s cost-cutting initiative. One of the laid-off employees at Meta wrote on LinkedIn that he had been waiting for 2 months to get eliminated and his journey at the social media company finally ended in May.

Yoonhwan Kim, who was an Enterprise Engineer at Meta, asserted that he received the layoff email at 4:30 AM in the morning and that he could not sleep all night as he feared his name could also be on the elimination list. He mentioned that he first heard about layoff rumours in February and this became official in March when Meta announced the same. Since then, he was a bit scared and anxious about when he would be included in the latest set of layoffs at Meta.

“It was 2 long months of waiting, and yesterday, I couldn’t sleep, but also did not dare to check my work email until 5:00AM, so I was looking at my personal phone, expecting that whatever mail would be sent to my work mail. Around 4:30AM, I got a mail from leadership in my personal email and intuitively realized that I’m included in this layoff,” he said on LinkedIn.

Kim is now looking for a junior-level software engineering job on various platforms. A few other laid-off employees have expressed their disappointment regarding Meta layoffs, but also appreciated the work and skills that they earned at the company.

For the employees who have one year of experience at the company to up to 8 years, the layoffs at Meta haven’t been done on the basis of experience. As was reported previously, the job cuts are on a random basis and the company is reducing the workforce to save cost. The firm’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has previously stated that the layoff decision is very difficult, but the company had to do this for various reasons.

One is the economic downturn and the slow growth that Meta has been witnessing. Due to this, the company has been witnessing low revenue growth. In an email, the tech giant also stated that it over-hired in the past few years because of business needs. But, now that Meta is witnessing slow growth and struggling in terms of revenue, it is removing people from the company.

As of now, there are no details on whether the laid off employees will be getting severance pay, which is something that the impacted workers received in the previous round of layoffs.

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