Le Au Ngan Anh as a guide for the Miss Talented Student Contest 2021

Le Au Ngan Anh as a guide for the Miss Talented Student Contest 2021

Wednesday, March 24, 2021 14:31 PM (GMT+7)

The press conference of the Miss Talented Student Contest 2021 had the presence of a large number of showbiz artists.

Le Au Ngan Anh as a guide for the Miss Talent Contest 2021 - 1

At the press conference, she shared: “I accepted the invitation to accompany the contest right after receiving the invitation from the organizers. I always look forward to sharing my experiences with students.”

Appearing on the morning of March 23 at Hong Bang International University, supermodel Hoang Yen wore a polite vest dress. She received the warm attention of the students present at the press conference venue. Supermodel Vo Hoang Yen will accompany the whole contest as the head of the jury to choose the highest position for the Miss Talented Student Contest 2021.

Although she is familiar with the role of a judge in many competitions, this is the first time that Vo Hoang Yen has been a judge of a contest for students with different criteria for selecting the winner.

The female judge shared that Miss Talented Student must have all the beautiful and talented elements. In particular, they must demonstrate their knowledge of their field of study.

According to information from the organizers, singer Dam Vinh Huong, singer Bao Thy, actor Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc, runner-up Mau Thuy, winner of Vietnam’s Next Top Model 2015 Huong Ly, runner-up of The Face 2018 – Quynh Anh, MC Vu Manh Cuong… will also appear in the competition in turn with many different roles. However, the organizers will keep the roles of these artists secret until the last minute.

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Besides, other artists such as singer Dong Nhi were also present at the press conference, she wore a beautiful white dress and performed the theme song of the contest, the song “Brilliant Youth Garden” by the singer Dong Nhi. Composer Nguyen Van Chung composed.

Le Au Ngan Anh as a guide for the Miss Talent Contest 2021 - 4

Miss Le Au Ngan Anh wears a bright pink suit. She is one of 5 mentors (instructors) for the contestants.

Le Au Ngan Anh as a guide for the Miss Talented Student Contest 2021 - 5

Miss shared that she is very excited about her new role for the contest and can’t wait to share all her experiences with the students.

Le Au Ngan Anh as a guide for the Miss Talent Contest 2021 - 6

The Miss Talented Student Contest 2021 will be a competition between female students from 5 universities including Hoa Sen University, Hong Bang International University, Ba Ria-Vung Tau University, Gia Dinh University, and Technology University. Eastern Technology. This is not just a beauty contest, but the contestants will have the opportunity to experience, learn and perfect skills to become global citizens in the future.

The competition will consist of 4 rounds, respectively, a registration round (from March 23 to April 10), a semi-final round (from April 16 to April 18), and a training round (from April 21 to April 6). 6) and the ranking finale is scheduled to take place on June 12. It is expected that about 3,000 students will register, the organizers will select 200 candidates to enter the semi-finals and continue to select 40 candidates to enter the common house to participate in practical training programs.

The 40 contestants entering the house will be divided into 5 teams and undergo 5 training programs including: Brand building, star-up incubator, community project, catwalk fitness and performing arts talent.

After each training program, the candidates will immediately practice the knowledge they have just learned, the judges will evaluate to continue to select candidates with 5 factors including “Mind – Body – Tri – Beauty – Human”.

The final night of the contest is expected to be held at Phu Tho gymnasium, including the Ao Dai, evening gown, and talent competitions. For the behavioral exam, candidates will perform entirely in English. The jury will choose 5 beauty queens from 5 universities and 1 finalist.

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