Le Quyen diligently wears a “non-protective” nightgown showing off her beautiful chest at the age of 40

Le Quyen diligently wears a “non-protective” nightgown showing off her beautiful chest at the age of 40

Sunday, August 29, 2021 03:38 AM (GMT+7)

Le Quyen is not afraid to wear thin nightgowns to show off her “specialty” of slim shoulders, bare back and ant waist.

There are hardly any costumes that can help Le Quyen show off her sweet body and slim body like pajamas designs.

Although she has reached the age of 40, Le Quyen still surprises many people when she has a slim and sexy body. Compared to many artists of the same time, Le Quyen is considered as a beauty monument that is difficult to overcome.

Due to loving herself by working hard and eating scientifically, the “tea room queen” keeps her slim body with little excess fat. But it is worth mentioning that despite being slim, Le Quyen’s body is impressive, “each round is standard”.

It can be seen that recently, when she publicly loved young, Le Quyen has had a spectacular change in beauty and fashion style.

With her beauty and age “hacked” body, Le Quyen is confident when conquering every set of clothes. From items that require sophistication such as training clothes or difficult, liberal sets such as swimwear, pajamas, are beautifully dressed by Hanoi-born beauties.

Recently, on her personal page, Le Quyen once again made fans admire when wearing pajamas to show off her body. Set of neutral color nightgown mixed with embossed lace border, made of silk chiffon material to create softness and charm. Looking at Le Quyen leisurely and gently in a nightgown, I see that women are the most beautiful when flying in costumes.

Le Quyen repeatedly showed off her fragile beauty when wearing pajamas.

Usually, nightgowns will be designed in 2 styles, with underwear or not. For gentle and discreet girls, they often choose nightgowns with padding inside, they have the role of replacing conventional bras. And women who are personality, love to break and support the spirit of body liberation, always prioritize innovative designs to create a seductive look without being sloppy. Le Quyen belongs to the second type. Beautiful people often choose plain nightgowns, no lingerie to be confident with the fashion of the first round. But despite being generous, Le Quyen is still praised for wearing it. sexy pajamas just enough without revealing or being “eyes sore”.

In particular, the beauty is not afraid to wear thin nightgowns to show off the “specialty” of slim shoulders, bare back and ant waist.

Le Quyen often chooses highly applicable nightgowns made from light, soft, and sweat-absorbing fabrics such as silk, chiffon, chiffon, etc. to bring comfort to the wearer.

Next is the style, the nightgown that she chooses usually has a fairly simple design but is not monotonous when creating accents with: colors or floral patterns, ruffles, embossed lace…

Her favorite colors are: nude, red, light yellow, black…

In the photo, the “sorrowful music queen” wears a set of 2-string nightgowns mixed with a soft silk robe, which when worn creates a feeling of lightness and softness.

Wearing beautiful pajamas is hard to criticize, but sometimes the way she poses to show off her bust and show off her porcelain white skin causes controversy.

Source: http://danviet.vn/le-quyen-cham-chi-mac-vay-ngu-khong-phong-ho-khoe-them-nguc-dep-tuoi-40-502021…

Le Quyen shows off her beautiful figure in her forties

On her personal page, Le Quyen often posts sexy bikini pictures, showing off her body.


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