Leaked clip of Van Dung’s love head with Ngoc Hoang

Leaked clip of Van Dung’s love head with Ngoc Hoang

With less than a week to go to the new year of 2021, the most anticipated program at the end of the year – Apple Quan has officially released a trailer revealing some very interesting details that will be fully screened. 30 Tet.

Event - Leaked clip of Van Dung with a headline love for Ngoc Hoang - Quoc Khanh

The trailer of Apple Quan has an interesting section of Van Dung with “love” with Ngoc Hoang Quoc Khanh.

The complicated epidemic situation in the old year was reflected in the image of Apples wearing masks and protective clothing. Besides, the role of Lin Vy Da was officially revealed to be “authentic” Bac Dau. In addition, the majestic music repertoire is an indispensable specialty through each season Apple Quan.

At this year’s ceremony, the Apples must wear masks, raising the awareness of epidemic prevention Covid-19. This year, many hot trend sentences of young people mentioned as Apple Health say “cloudy zing, gout top”, or NSU Xuan Bac and Lam Vy Da all mention the word “green tea” – a sentence that young people today now used when talking about the third person. The artists both act and create laughter for the audience.

Events - Leaked clip of Van Dung with headlines and feelings for Ngoc Hoang - Quoc Khanh (Figure 2).

Artist Van Dung is close with Ngoc Hoang – Quoc Khanh.

In the clip, there is a section where Van Dung Medical Apples is close to Ngoc Hoang, she rested her head on Ngoc Hoang’s chest, her hand rested on artist Quoc Khanh’s chest, promising many interesting and amusing details for the audience.

Apple Quan 2021 this year will witness “a big change in the Heaven” as “Ngoc Hoang” Quoc Khanh with many interesting surprises. There will still be apple-branded stunts, interesting trend-catching scenes and of course, Rap is indispensable.

Borrowing the Apples Meeting, The Last Meeting of 2021 mentioned the outstanding facts and problems of society During the past 1 year, the most prominent is still the efforts of the entire society to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic, overcome natural disasters and still ensure economic growth.

Besides mentioning the positive points, Apple Quan still retains the inherent characteristic of criticism when through a humorous lens to reflect what still exists in society such as corruption, such as flattery, opportunities of a part of officials, inadequacies in the fields of economy, education, culture and society …

Events - Leaked clip of Van Dung with headlines and feelings for Ngoc Hoang - Quoc Khanh (Figure 3).

The music part continues to be an interesting highlight of Meet at the end of the year when many trending songs of the year are made both humorous and profound. Besides, folk music tunes are also included in the program impressively.

Events - Leaked clip of Van Dung with headlines and feelings for Ngoc Hoang - Quoc Khanh (Figure 4).

People’s Artist Cong Ly and Lam Vy Da on stage.

Sharing about the program, People’s Artist Cong Ly – who plays Bac Dau, said: “After a year hiatus, this year’s Apple Army will come back to serve the audience. The artists are also very excited to bring back the show. Special juggling phase Up to now, we are also anxious to see the reaction of the audience The artists have only more than 2 weeks of practice so there is a lot of pressure but everyone is trying. I used to be my youth so I am happy to be a part of this program These days, when shopping for Tet, many viewers also ask me about the program, many people will expect to see it at night. Tet 30. Tet is coming soon, please leave the chaos of life to welcome the new year and watch the Apple Army “.

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