Learn The Art Of Slaying Boots/Sandals From Blackpink Lisa & Rose, Take Cues

Learn The Art Of Slaying Boots/Sandals From Blackpink Lisa & Rose, Take Cues


BLACKPINK’s Rosé and Lisa have one of the finest friendships that have ever existed! They’ve known each other for a long time, and their personalities compliment each other perfectly. They’re also pals who were born in the same year, which gives them even more reason to feel at ease with one other!


We could all need some glitter in our life right now, so add some glitz to your wardrobe like Blackpink’s Lisa, who stunned the fashion world with her shimmering golden straps worn with black socks on Instagram. A dash of metallic on a strap or chain that reflects the sun’s rays is a cool and trendy way to spruce up your summer outfit. With these five brilliant pairs of shoes in bright gold and silver hues, you’ll have the world at your gorgeous feet.


Lilium ankle strap flats are embellished with a handcrafted and adjustable metallic blossom adornment for a beautiful golden touch.


Following are some of the footwear inspired by Blackpink’s Lisa and Rosé:



Roger Vivier

The Broche platform sandals, inspired by the gardens of Versailles, dazzle in pink, silver, and turquoise metallic colours with hand-appliqued Swarovski crystals, HK$13,500 (US$1,740).



Christian Louboutin

The Cornetta is a shoe that will “steal the show.” A necklace with silver stud decorations on clear PVC straps and a Specchio mirror-like finish, HK$7,000 (US$900), creates an appealing and eccentric mood.



Gianvito Rossi

Calypso sandals in fine metallic leather are the ideal summer shoes for a sophisticated look, with a stiletto heel and minimalist lines. HK$4,800 (about US$620)

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