Madden NFL 24: How To Celebrate (Showboat & Taunt)

At first, it may seem that celebrating in Madden NFL 24 is purely just a jerk move. But so much of the game is mental. NFL players are aware of this and will celebrate a play early to demoralize the opposition, especially on a big touchdown run or reception. Holding the ball high feels good and makes opposing players feel bad.

If they don’t outright quit, they will often start playing worse after seeing somebody showboat. It’s not a good way to make friends, but even serious gamers will show off in Madden NFL 24 to get a competitive edge. Learn to celebrate and get into the minds of opposing teams and gamers.

How To Celebrate Madden NFL 24 Standard Button Layout For Controller On a PlayStation 5 controller: Hold R1, R2, and X On an Xbox Series X/S controller: Hold R1, R2, and A On a keyboard: Hold Left Shift, Left Control, and Space

This has been a bit of a hot topic since it used to take only the lower triggers to celebrate. But since celebrating can drastically alter the game, it’s likely the developers believed making it too easy to celebrate would result in accidental celebrations and a takedown before reaching the endzone.

The best wide receivers will most frequently use this move after blowing by a cornerback. When streaking toward the endzone, go ahead and fire up this button combination when it’s obvious nobody can catch up. It’s also useful for certain training events that yield extra points for celebrations.

Madden NFL 24 Standard Button Layout For Keyboard

On a short route, the best running backs might also feel the need to drop into a celebration. Especially in goalline scenarios, linebackers will often collapse on the pocket and, once the running back gets to the outside, it’s over. So even though there isn’t as much yardage to gloat about, celebrating for even just a short distance will surely rile up the wrath of the opposition.

Madden NFL 24 will be released on August 18th, 2023 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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