MALDIVES TRIP 2019 | Honeymoon in Maldives | Budget and Planning | Coco Bodu Hithi Resort | Subhi S

This is a sweet and short video of our trip to Maldives. Hope you find it useful and entertaining. If you have any more queries related to the trip planning, please reach out to me on instagram (@subhi_17runcible).

Check this video to know 6 Things to know before planning your trip to Maldives

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My recording and editing equipment-

Camera- Sony alpha 5100

Go Pro- Hero 7 white

Tripod- Joby Gorilla Pod for camera

Tripod- Slovic Gorilla tripod for phone

Laptop- Apple Macbook Pro

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Edit- As so many of you were asking me for more details about the planning of my trip, I have made another video about it. Please check for more details


Please watch: “Singapore Trip 2019 | Explore Singapore with me”


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