Man Throws Racist Comments On Blackpink’s Rose In NYC: Blinks Express Outrage

Man Throws Racist Comments On Blackpink’s Rose In NYC: Blinks Express Outrage

Few of the Blackpink members are presently in the USA doing everything right in order to get global attention for their amazing singing prowess. Blackpink Rose has been in the USA for a while now, exploring the place. She recently visited the NBA Milwaukee Bucks Vs New York Knicks match at Madison Square Garden, when an unfortunate incident happened with her. This report was written by and we bring to you a reference of the same.

THe game was watched by both the fans and non-fans of Rose. THey got a glimpse of hers and she gained a lot of importance in the crowd.

As the BLACKPINK idol was leaving the stadium on Wednesday, she was greeted with loud cheers and declarations of love from fans. A video shared by a BLINK captured the scene of Rosé leaving Madison Square Garden, amidst adulation. BLINKs could be heard talking amongst themselves after spotting the singer, saying various comments.

One of them though was startling, wherein she was called ‘ling’.

This phrase, among other similar sounding words, are often used to mock Asians, stemming from the stereotype that they have ‘funny sounding” names. Given the political climate and the Asian hate prevalent in the world, especially in the USA currently, fans were concerned after hearing those words directed at Rosé.

Well, this provoked the BLINKs and they got wild that their idol was shamed in public.

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