Mark Zuckerberg fires around 6000 more Meta employees: Story in 5 points

By Divyanshi Sharma: It is no secret that the tech job market is volatile at the moment due to the large-scale layoffs being announced by top, as well as mid-sized companies. It was recently reported that according to layoff tracking website, nearly two lakh tech workers lost their jobs till May 18, 2023. And this number seems to be going up every day.

Meta has also fired around 6,000 employees globally and the impacted people are sharing their stories on LinkedIn. The company had announced laying off 10,000 people in March.

Here is the full Meta layoff story, in five points:

1. Meta starts firing around 6,000 employees

In March this year, Meta announced slashing 10,000 job roles. However, the company had fired only 4,000 employees until now. On Wednesday, the company started firing the remaining 6,000 employees.

2. LinkedIn is full of posts

The impacted employees took to LinkedIn to share their side of the story. An employee noted that he had received his layoff mail at 4:30 am. “It was 2 long months of waiting, and yesterday, I couldn’t sleep, but also did not dare to check my work email until 5:00AM, so I was looking at my personal phone, expecting that whatever mail would be sent to my work mail. Around 4:30AM, I got a mail from leadership in my personal email and intuitively realized that I’m included in this layoff,” the former Meta employee wrote on LinkedIn.

3. Top executives removed

According to reports, the recent round of Meta layoffs has impacted people from different departments, including business, ad sales, marketing, communications, and partnerships. In addition to this, a Reuters report revealed that Meta’s Director of Marketing, Avinash Pant and Director and Head of Media Partnerships, Saket Jha Saurabh, were also given the pink slip.

4. Company-wide meeting

Reports have surfaced that nearly a week before Meta’s third wave of layoff announcement, the company’s president of global affairs, Nick Clegg, had told employees of the upcoming layoffs round during a company-wide meeting. He had reportedly said, “The third wave is going to happen next week. That affects everybody in the biz teams, including in my orgs. It’s just a time of great anxiety and uncertainty. I wish I could have some easy way of providing solace or comfort. It is uncertain. And actually, it’s really increased my admiration for the way that everyone — notwithstanding that uncertainty — you’re just displaying such resilience and professionalism.”

5. Previous layoffs at Meta

Meta has laid off around 21,000 employees till now. The first round of layoffs was announced in November 2022 when 11,000 techies lost their jobs gradually. In March this year, the second round of layoffs impacting 10,000 employees globally was announced. It was earlier reported that Meta employees had called out CEO Mark Zuckerberg for handing out large bonuses to some top-level employees amidst layoffs at the company.

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