Marvel Snap: Best 5-Cost Cards

In Marvel Snap, which has come to be known as one of the finest mobile games of all time, players will utilize a variety of cards that withhold different Energy costs. With Energy costs ranging from (generally) 1-6 Energy, players will want to ensure that each card in their decks is well worth their Cost.

5-Cost cards are some of the most influential assets in a match, as they typically are played before the final round, setting up a grand finale, or simply throwing down an immense amount of synergistic power. That said, fans will want to make sure they’re using the best 5-Cost cards in Marvel Snap, as they commonly play an important role in a competitive match.

9 Professor X image showing professor x card in marvel snap.

When it comes to interference cards in Marvel Snap, Professor X is one of the most suitable. Professor X may only provide 3 Power to a location, but his Ongoing ability allows him to lock down a location completely.

What this means, is that Professor X makes it so that neither player can add nor remove cards from the location that Professor X is occupying. This makes Professor X not only excellent at securing a location’s victory but also good for disrupting opposing strategies, especially when it comes to destroy-themed decks.

8 Legion Legion in marvel snap

Legion, who was added to Marvel Snap’s growing collection as part of the Rise of the Phoenix Season (July 2023), is one of the most powerful characters when it comes to 5-Cost cards. With an incredible 8 Power, Legion has the capability to devastate an opponent at his location.

Legion also has the On Reveal ability that replaces each other location with the one that he is played upon. With locations that provide substantial benefits to the player, like Vormir or The Big House, Legion is one of the most significant all-rounder cards to take complete advantage of a location’s ability.

7 Spider-Woman spider-woman's card

Pool One doesn’t have too many characters that are as remarkable as other cards that are more difficult to obtain in higher Pools. But, Spider-Woman is one of the most remarkable Pool One cards that players can obtain, as she has an ability that proves more than useful. Spider-Woman’s On Reveal ability allows her to “afflict all enemy cards here with -1 Power.”

With four opposing cards at a location, Spider-Woman is capable of taking out 4 Power. With synergistic cards like Wong, however, Spider-Woman can subtract double the Power, meaning she can take away up to around 8 Power.

6 Lady Deathstrike lady deathstrike's card

Lady Deathstrike was released as one of the rarest cards for players to collect in Marvel Snap in late 2023. She can be found in ‘spotlights’ as well as randomly secured through Series 5 (Ultra Rare) caches. Lady Deathstrike is a phenomenal interference card, as well as a destruction card.

With a small amount of 3 Power, Lady Deathstrike delivers differently; her On Reveal ability destroys every card at her location that has less Power than her. With such a forceful ability, Lady Deathstrike has numerous amount of combinations that make her such an amazing card.

5 Devil Dinosaur marvel snap devil dinosaur decks

Though Marvel Snap’s meta-game is consistently changing with new Seasons, patches, and new cards, Devil Dinosaur has been a mainstay when it comes to playing competitively. Though the card only has 3 Power, Devil Dino’s ability makes up for it.

Devil Dinosaur is one of the most highly appraised Ongoing cards in the community, as Devil Dinosaur’s Ongoing ability allows it to gain +2 Power for each card in the player’s hand. With cards like Moon Girl and The Collector, Devil Dinosaur is able to lead a deck to outstanding victory, making it one of the best 5-Cost cards.

4 Doctor Octopus doctor octopus in marvel snap

5-Cost cards naturally deliver a ‘twist’ of some sort when nearing the end of a match in Marvel Snap. Doctor Octopus is one of the finest examples of such gameplay, as the iconic Spider-Man villain can devastate an opponent’s strategy instantly.

Doctor Octopus, who has an outstanding 10 Power, has the On Reveal ability to pull up to four cards from the opponent’s hand onto the location that Doctor Octopus is played on. Though there is a more relevant aspect of ‘chance’ with Doctor Octopus, players are sure to throw a wrench in the opponent’s plans with the exceptional card.

3 Iron Man Marvel Snap Variant Art Knullified Iron Man

Iron Man is one of the few cards that players will automatically have unlocked after downloading and playing Marvel Snap’s tutorials. Despite the card being a ‘starter,’ Iron Man still stands out as one of the most renowned 5-Cost cards that fans can utilize in Ongoing decks.

Though he may not distribute any Power (0 Power), Iron Man has the Ongoing ability to double the Power in an area. When paired up with high-Power cards like Hulk, or synergized with characters like Onslaught, Iron Man is a genius gimmick to bring triumph to players by a landslide.

2 Kang The Conqueror marvel-snap-kang-card

Kang the Conqueror, true to his origin and comic-based capabilities, has the On Reveal ability to “look at what your opponent did, then restart the turn.” This allows players to essentially see into the future concerning what the opponent is planning and gives important information as to what moves they should make next.

Kang the Conqueror may not be primarily useful as a card on the table, but it’s more important for fans to use the card as a force that works ‘outside’ of the table, giving players a unique mechanic to use to their advantage. What’s more, players can even save Kang for turn 6, which is, arguably, the most crucial round in Marvel Snap.

1 Valkyrie valkyrie's card

Pool Three is full of special features that all mark themselves more than capable as individual assets. Valkyrie is one such card, as the 3-Power card has a great On Reveal ability that has been hailed as one of the best niche abilities in the game.

Valkyrie’s On Reveal ability permits her to bring all other cards’ Power down to 3 (at the location she is played upon). Though this could be dreadful to those with well over 5-10 Power, enough strategy will ensure that only the opponent feels the effect of Valkyrie’s ability. With cards like Luke Cage, players won’t need to worry about their Power being drained, rather only interrupting enemy characters at the location.

Marvel Snap is available on PC and mobile devices.

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