Marvel Snap’s Morbius Deserves an Ability Similar to Knull

Highlights Destroy and discard decks are popular in Marvel Snap due to their versatility and the frequent addition of new cards that support these archetypes. Morbius, a low-cost card, can generate power based on cards discarded throughout a match but is underwhelming compared to Knull, who benefits from both players’ destroyed cards. Knull is a powerful option for destroy decks while Morbius requires more setup to generate significant power output.

Destroy and discard decks are incredibly popular in Marvel Snap due to how versatile they are and how often new cards are debuted that add to their archetypes. Marvel Snap is currently undergoing the first couple days of its newest season in collaboration with Loki’s second season arriving soon on Disney Plus, but the season prior was undoubtedly a boon for destroy and discard decks, for example. Many cards help to bolster these decks, with popular inclusions being Knull, Mystique, Hellcow, and Carnage. However, one tweak to a particular discard card would make it deservedly stronger.

Move decks currently seem to be a popular build even when they’re instantly outed as being one when a Nightcrawler or Iron Fist is played first. Likewise, destroy decks can be difficult to set up in the early game if players have a poorly drawn hand or if opponents tend to play Armor and Professor X. Still, Knull is favorable in a destroy deck because he uniquely benefits in a way that most other cards don’t. Therefore, if Morbius’ ability to generate power from cards discarded worked similarly to how Knull generates power from cards destroyed, discard decks would be even more viable.

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Marvel Snap’s Morbius is a low-cost card at 2-Cost, which creates an incentive to play him early. However, players don’t actually need to have him at a location early in order to reap the rewards of his ongoing ability because it accumulates autonomously, even if his power isn’t represented as such when the card is sitting in players’ hands. Players can thankfully see how many cards they’ve discarded throughout a match and mentally calculate how much power Morbius will reflect when played, but it’s odd that he doesn’t reflect that power accumulation in hand as Knull does.

Moreover, while Morbius can be played at any time and have discarded cards throughout the match add to his power, cards like Hela or Ghost Rider can also bring him back with that same power reflected while he was discarded himself. But the one stipulation with Morbius that is perhaps what makes him more underwhelming than he deserves to be is the fact that he only generates power based on cards that the player has discarded, and not the opponent’s discards as well.

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This is where Knull reigns superior over Morbius in Marvel Snap, despite them both operating functionally within two separate deck builds. Knull’s power is generated from cards destroyed on both the player and their opponent’s side, meaning that two players going head-to-head with destroy decks could have massively powerful Knull cards. Coupled with cards like Mystique or Iron Man, Knull becomes wildly useful since the player doesn’t necessarily need to worry about how much they can do to set up his card in the last couple of turns.

Magik definitely helps to ensure that fans can play him at an optimal time, and Death is also a wonderful accompaniment to Knull since cards destroyed in an attempt to bump his power up will also work toward lowering her cost. On the other hand, Morbius requires quite a bit of setup to generate anything extravagant in terms of power output, and Marvel Snap’s Dracula seems like a more reliable option for discarding an ordinarily high-power card instead.

Marvel Snap is available for mobile devices and PC.

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