Although It Seems Unlikely, Marvel's Midnight Suns 2 Needs to Happen

Highlights Marvel’s Midnight Suns received positive reviews but underperformed in sales, which may discourage a sequel, but there is untapped potential in the concept for future content. DLC packs of Midnight Suns introduced new characters and story scenarios, but they didn’t feel connected to the main game, leaving unanswered questions and loose ends. The presence of Dr. Doom in the ending of Midnight Suns sets up a major villain role for a potential sequel, but his absence in the DLC feels like a missed opportunity. Additionally, more Marvel heroes could be added to the roster in a sequel, adding new mechanics and depth to the game.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns seemed to be somewhat of a sleeper hit of 2022, garnering very favorable reviews from players and critics but ultimately underperforming in the sales department. While poor sales numbers might discourage developer Firaxis from making a sequel to Marvel’s Midnight Suns, there is still so much potential content left in the concept that could be built upon in a sequel. Between plot threads left hanging and the vast number of Marvel characters that would fit perfectly in the game, a Marvel’s Midnight Suns 2 deserves to happen.

Despite the four waves of DLC Midnight Suns received, there still feels like a lot more story the game has to tell. While these DLC packs included new characters like Deadpool, Venom, Morbius, and Storm, along with new story scenarios associated with each character, none of these DLC missions felt very connected to the main game, leaving a lot of questions still unanswered. On top of tying up loose ends, there are so many Marvel heroes that could bring new mechanics to a Midnight Suns 2 as well.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Still Has So Much Potential Left Doctor-Doom-Comic-Cover-Lightning-Bolt

One of the biggest plot threads left hanging at the end of Midnight Suns’ main story that is barely touched on in the DLC is the presence of Dr. Doom as implied by the game’s finale. After the player and the Midnight Suns defeat Lilith and stop the threat of the Darkhold, Dr. Doom appears to find the discarded tome, claiming its previous owners were amateurs. This scene sets up the iconic Marvel villain as a new threat the Midnight Suns will have to face, but he never ends up playing a significant role in the DLC stories which seems like a waste of one of Marvel’s most popular villains.

Dr. Doom is briefly alluded to as the employer of Deadpool as he claims to be tasked with finding the Magna Corrigo for a certain Latverian doctor. Other than this throwaway line, the DLC doesn’t feature Dr. Doom further and instead shifts the focus of the story across the DLC to the villains of Sin and Dracula. Without a true appearance from Dr. Doom in the Midnight Suns DLC, it seems like Firaxis was building up to him being the main villain for a Midnight Suns 2, which would ultimately feel like an underwhelming choice if a sequel never happens.

Aside from story closure, there is still room for way more Marvel heroes to join the roster in a Midnight Suns 2 even after the addition of the four DLC characters. The X-Men’s Gambit is the perfect addition to the roster of a Midnight Suns sequel as his kinetic card abilities could add an interesting twist to the game’s card-based combat system. Moon Knight is also a great choice for a sequel’s roster with his connection to the powers of the Egyptian god Khonshu fitting in with the themes of the game, and Spider-Man even makes a reference to the possibility that he might be in the Midnight Suns at one point in the game.

It’s unfortunate that Midnight Suns didn’t meet the sales expectations that were set for it since it offered Marvel fans a great plot and development for many of the franchise’s beloved characters. The core gameplay of Midnight Suns was also a unique twist on the strategy RPG genre that has a ton of room to be iterated upon in a sequel that features new heroes with diverse abilities. The pieces are all in place for a Midnight Suns 2 to elevate what made the first game great, but the disappointing sales of the game may mean these pieces never end up coming together.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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