Mass migration: Thousands of toads cross road in California, locals left amazed

By India Today World Desk: Hundreds of thousands of small toads leapt across a road in Stockton, California, in what appeared to be a mass migration. The road stretched over a mile long, and those who witnessed it were left amazed.

Mary Hulet, a local who was driving home from the airport, recounted how she saw cars stopped ahead, with the road appearing to be in motion.

As she focused on the scene, she realized it was an army of frogs or toads making their way across the road. “At first I thought, ‘I’m just tired’ – like there’s no way. But as I looked closely, I realized these were frogs or toads that were crossing the road,” CNBC-affiliate KSL TV quoted Hulet as saying.

Biologists were amazed by the scale of this phenomenon. The toads were seen primarily in the area known as the ‘S curves’ on Silver Avenue.

Hulet exclaimed, “We’re talking like thousands of toads crossing the road. I’m like, ‘is this like toad-mageddon? What in the world is going on here?'”

Aquatics manager Chris Crockett of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources central region explained that these creatures were likely juvenile Great Basin spadefoot toads, which hatched near Rush Lake, an area that is typically dry.

Crockett said, “These toads are often termed as metamorphs. They decided to migrate to the surrounding hills.”

However, many toads were killed as some cars ran them over. Some locals did try to regulate the traffic in order to save as many toads as they could.

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