Mysteries That Must Be Addressed in Master Detective Files: RAIN CODE DLC

The mystery adventure of Spike Chunsoft Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE concluded with the central mystery solved and most of Kanai Ward’s secrets revealed. However, there are more mysteries to come, as game creator Kazutaka Kodaka has revealed that a series of DLC episodes for Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE will be released throughout 2023. While the content of these DLC episodes has yet to be revealed by Spike Chunsoft yet, a solid choice to focus on would be several remaining mysteries that were hinted at, but not resolved, during the main game.

There are currently four episodes of DLC planned for Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE. Each will star one of the Master Detectives who assist protagonist Yuma Kokohead in RAIN CODE. The first, “Charisma Killed The Cat”, will star Desuhiko Thunderbolt, a cocky young detective who has the ability to disguise himself as anyone. No further information about the episodes’ content has been revealed, leading to fan speculation about what the DLC cases may cover. In particular, several remaining plot threads from Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE would make excellent choices for episode threads.

The Cult of the Red Rain master-detective-archives-rain-code-dlc-redrain

In Chapter 3 of Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE, Yuma can do a side quest in which he investigates rumors of a blood-red rain falling on Kanai Ward. Ultimately, he discovers a cult that worships “the Red Rain” and claims that this rain will bring salvation to Ward’s people. The cult proves to be extremely powerful, capable of brainwashing ordinary people with just a few conversations. Ultimately, Yuma is unable to do anything to stop the cult, or even discover the truth behind the Red Rain. Revisiting this cult and the bizarre phenomenon they worship would make for both fascinating and frightening DLC.

Yuma stalker master-detective-archives-rain-code-dlc-ghost

Yuma Kokohead will take a backseat to his Master Detective allies in the RAIN CODE DLC, but he could still potentially play a compelling role – but as a client rather than a detective. Throughout the mystery game’s middle chapters, Yuma several times feels that someone is following him. At the conclusion of several side quests, most notably the one where he helps a teacher who is being stalked, a figure in a raincoat with his face covered is seen watching Yuma. This person’s identity and interest in Yuma is never revealed, though some eagle-eyed fans have noted the man’s resemblance to a ghost that Yuma talks to in the first chapter, hinting that this character may be of supernatural origin.

The Clockford Family master-detective-files-rain-code-dlc-fubuki

Fubuki Clockford is one of the most unique master detectives featured in RAIN CODE thanks to time travel. This dim-witted heiress is descended from a wealthy family who are literally in charge of controlling the world’s standard of time, and she herself has the power to turn back time. Fubuki mentions that her family has many enemies and that many times she was kidnapped and held hostage. A Fubuki-focused DLC could delve deeper into the Clockford family, especially what they do to “control the world’s time,” what will happen when Fubuki takes over as head of the family, and what time-based powers other family members may have.

So far, Spike Chunsoft and Kazutaka Kodaka have been extremely tight-lipped about what topics Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE’s DLC will cover. However, with four new cases planned, it’s definitely possible that more mysteries and secrets will be explored in the game’s unique setting. RAIN CODE itself has received praise for its interesting characters, wider world, and compelling mysteries, and it’s definitely possible that the upcoming DLC ​​will continue this pattern with more complicated mysteries for players to investigate and solve.

Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE is currently available for Nintendo Switch.

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