Meta employee gets fired hours after having a baby, says she is scared of what comes next

By Divyanshi Sharma: The birth of a baby is perhaps the most significant moment in anybody’s life. However, hours after such a life-changing moment, when you get to know that you are being laid off from your job, things start getting overwhelming. This is exactly what happened with a former Meta employee, who got to know that she was being given the pink slip, barely hours after giving birth to her baby boy.

Meta announced laying off 10,000 employees in March this year but only 4,000 people had been told that they were being let go until now. On Wednesday, Meta began firing the remaining 6,000 employees and across the globe, lives were impacted. A lot of employees shared their layoff stories on LinkedIn and among the many posts, this new mother’s story caught our attention.

The woman begins her post by writing that she is going through many ‘mixed emotions’ ranging from embarrassment and guilt to sadness and just ‘plain scared’. “But I also realized that if I didn’t write this today, I might never do it,” she wrote further.

Announcing the birth of her second child, a baby boy, she wrote, “Let’s start with the good stuff: We had another baby last night! After taking a number of work calls in the morning, my doctor told me I needed to go to the hospitalâ€ænow. And at 11:44pm last night our son was born.”

She then revealed that about 6 hours after the birth of her son, she got to know via an email that she was a part of the most recent round of layoffs at Meta. “Talk about a wild 12 hours,” she wrote in her post.

The woman then reflected upon her journey at Meta and remembered how, two years ago, the company had given her 6 months of paid maternity leave when her daughter was born.

However, this time, things are different. She wrote, “And as I was reading my separation agreement today all I could feel was immense guilt – guilt that he hadn’t even lived half a day and I was already shortchanging this little guy – our time would be cut short by me looking for what’s next.”

She further added that she is scared about what’s to come and for the last few years since working at Meta had been her entire identity.

“And well, now I’m scared. Over the last few years my identity has been that I “work at Facebook/Meta,” so I’m not really sure what I bring to that table that isn’t “Meta” related, but I am going to spend the next few months trying to figure that out,” her post read.

Meta has laid off nearly 21,000 employees till now. The first round of layoffs was announced in November 2022 when 11,000 techies lost their jobs gradually. In March this year, the second round of layoffs impacting 10,000 employees globally was announced. It was earlier reported that Meta employees had also called out CEO Mark Zuckerberg for handing out large bonuses to some top-level employees amidst layoffs at the company.

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