Mia Khalifa in Headline Again Due to Several Reasons

Mia Khalifa in Headline Again Due to Several Reasons

Mia Khalifa is a prominent name that a large number of people are aware of already. This one started making headlines right after she left her career in that industry and described her experience there. Whatever the reason may be but the site Pornhub seems to be at the center of this drama. It is the world’s largest site in this category and the recent trends seem to be going far against this giant. In the month of July this year, over a million people were asking this site to be shut down. And a hashtag was trending i.e. #TrafficingHub.

Such outrage was a result of the allegations of people against this website. People in large numbers alleged that this website simply allowed trafficking for the sake of making more profit. A video relating to this topic made these revelations and the response from the public was quite serious. Meanwhile, the name of Mia Khalifa also gained the limelight. Her name in this context was not directly related to the trend. But she had some disagreements with the major players in this industry.

A little about the background of Mia Khalifa

Her birthplace is Lebanon but she moved to the US when she was just seven years old. A man approached her to film such videos when she was 21 years old. At that time she was involved in sports commentary and was a social media personality as well. Initially, she created 11 videos in a period of 3 months. Only in that duration of time, her name became wildly popular across the world and she became the number one personality in this field soon. It was the time when she gained significant attention from people belonging to different parts of the world.

She came to the center of the search when she filmed a video while wearing a hijab. Though she is a Christian but she once told about the concerns she raised before filming the video. She made it clear that she was under some kind of pressure to film the video and the director told her that it would be fine. After this video became popular, she was getting threats.

The problem

In her ongoing career, she signed a contract with a company named WGCZ. Though the contract was long-term she resigned just two weeks after signing the contract. The company continued to control the website with the domain name that was associated with her stage name. She didn’t get paid for it but the company still uses the website with her name. This is called quite a common occurrence in this industry. And UFABET is accused of doing the same that has caused the outrage.

Mia Khalifa’s disagreements lie in the fact that people identify her based on the most horrible 3-4 months of her life. Her inability to dissociate from this industry even after being inactive for five years in this industry is a concern. Though she is not active in this industry for quite some time her videos, her name is still popular as ever. She remains on no. 7 on the list of most searched people in this industry. She just wants the company to stop using her content today. The availability of those videos creates a scenario like she is still active and she wants to get rid of it. In a statement, she revealed that the threats are still prevalent. As a result of that, she fears getting into grocery stores alone.

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