Minecraft Player Takes Panda Over 4,000 Blocks Worldwide, Ends in Disaster

Highlights Transporting a panda in Minecraft can be a time-consuming task, but one player’s mistake led to the panda’s accidental death. The clip serves as a warning to other players attempting similar tasks, reminding them to be cautious and use their hand instead of an ax when breaking the boat. Minecraft’s freedom and beginner-friendly gameplay make it an attractive game, but unexpected and frustrating moments can still occur, as shown in this video.

When trying to transport a panda around the world in Minecraft, a player makes a harmful mistake that destroys all that time and effort. With over 4,000 blocks to go to the nearest jungle biome, this hapless Minecraft player quickly found all his hard work unraveling in an unexpected way.

Minecraft’s incredible success over the years has helped the game become one of the best-selling video games of all time, attracting many generations of players with varying skill levels. The freedom that Minecraft offers players is one of its most attractive qualities, allowing players to fully explore their imagination to help build the world around them. When it comes to video games, Minecraft is one of the most beginner-friendly titles due to its sandbox gameplay. However, situations can arise that can quickly interrupt the fun and smooth experience, and for one unfortunate player, that was after hours of concentrated effort.

A Reddit user known as DornsSon was recently in the process of transporting a panda around the world. Having over 4,000 blocks to go before reaching the nearest jungle biome, DornsSon worked hours to try and get this panda where they needed it. Unfortunately for the panda, DornsSon’s attempt to break the boat underneath the animal with an ax accidentally hit the panda, killing it instantly. Pandas can be rare to spawn in Minecraft, making this even more devastating.

Many other players who saw DornsSon’s clip were baffled as to why they chose to try to break the boat with the ax and not their hand in the first place. However, there were other players who had similar experiences sharing their frustrations. Minecraft has many interesting animals in its world, but a panda is one of the rarest mobs in the jungle. Putting in all that work to try and protect him only to accidentally kill him in the process must have been horrible for DornsSon.

There can be some truly amazing moments in Minecraft, but sadly this isn’t one of those moments. While this could have been avoided by using a hand instead of an axe, this clip can at least serve as a warning to other players who might try the same thing. Minecraft is a great game for all styles of players at any age, but it can also be frustrating. This video is a perfect example of how frustrating moments are sometimes completely unexpected.

Minecraft is available on mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One and most legacy platforms.

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