Minecraft Player Builds Impressive Trap to Prank Friend


A Minecraft player has found an impressive way to prank their friend using a TNT and Observer trap build. The trap design utilizes multiple parts to create a domino effect without harming the player, including a Minecraft Observer and signs as a shield. While the trap shown in the video is safe, exploding TNT can kill unprotected players and destroy their belongings if not designed properly.

A Minecraft player has shown off an impressive TNT and Observer trap build by pranking their friend. There are many ways to prank others in Minecraft, with some verging into griefing, but this player may have found the safest way to jumpscare their friend.

Mojang continues to update Minecraft with new mobs, blocks, and more. The recently released Trails and Tales Minecraft update introduced the Sniffer, cherry-blossom biome, bamboo wood, and more. With several tools at their disposal, Minecraft players have come up with unique ways to trap mobs and other players alike. Though most traps for Minecraft mobs are implemented in farms, most player ones are intended to slow them down or grief them. This player has an interesting trap design that may enable others to scare their friends in a simple way.

Reddit user FIESTeG recently shared a clip of their friend pranking them with an intricate Minecraft trap. The clip begins with the player facing a block of Netherrack, pausing before hitting it. This attack causes a chain reaction that dissolves the sand around the player, making them plummet many Minecraft blocks below, something that may kill an unprepared player. Equipped with Elytra and rockets, FIESTeG quickly flies through the hole that they fell from to observe what happened. FIESTeG finds that the Netherrack was replaced on top of a Minecraft Observer as the clip concludes with their friend approaching them.

Although it flashes by quickly, the trap that was set utilizes multiple parts that cause the domino effect without harming the player. The Minecraft Observer is placed above a TNT block in the middle of the sand, with signs forming rows that act as a shield for any falling players. Once activated, the TNT explodes the sand around the Netherrack trap, making the material fall with the player. The trap in FIESTeG’s video has been set above a deep mine which enabled the player to fall such a great distance without dying. While it hasn’t been used in this TNT trap, the bottom could also have a pool to prevent a player without Minecraft’s Elytra equipped from dying.

Though the trap in FIESTeG’s video is safe, exploding Minecraft TNT as it did can kill unprotected players. Beyond a player’s death, this TNT could also destroy their things if the trap isn’t designed properly. Because FIESTeG and their friend are regularly pranking each other, this trap build may not be their last.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and legacy platforms.

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