Dedicated Minecraft Player Spends Over 3 Years Creating Massive Dome Base


A dedicated Minecraft player spent over 3 years building a massive dome base, showcasing the endless creativity of the game’s fan base. The player’s attention to detail in constructing their home base reflects the importance of a safe haven in Minecraft’s survival world. Enigmont’s impressive dome base, which took over 3,000 hours to build, is a standout among the many large structures created by Minecraft players.

One extremely dedicated player of the sandbox title Minecraft has revealed that they have spent more than three years building a massive dome base in their survival world. Perseverant fans have built impressive and gigantic structures in Minecraft over the years, and this dome base is yet another wonderful addition to the growing roster of enormous builds the player base can ogle at.

Given the flexible sandbox features of Minecraft, it is not surprising that the title continues to draw in new players and retain its veteran fan base through the years. Fans never seem to run out of creative juice when it comes to building things, whether it is a quirky random monument, functional machines that make it easy for them to farm materials or resources, or beautiful home bases that others would be envious of. Given that a player’s home base is crucial to survival, many like to spend a lot of time with details when constructing the building, making impressive headquarters that they can come home to after a hard day of surviving in Minecraft.

Showing off their intense dedication to Minecraft, Redditor Enigmont posted a short video of the impressive dome base they built in their survival world. Saying that the structure is massive is an understatement, with the builder confirming that it stands with dimensions of 770 x 770 blocks, starting from the server’s bedrock layer to heights of y = 262. Many large structures can also be found inside the dome such as tall glass buildings, clean illuminated pathways, and floating islands full of greenery. Large trees, pools of water, and tiny waterfalls can also be found inside the dome, which gives the whole build a modern yet organic vibe.

According to Enigmont, it took them three and a half years, over 10,000 in-game days, to get to this point of their construction. They have yet to finish and mentioned that they will likely do so in the next six or seven months. Given the amount of detail they have already put into their massive build in Minecraft, fellow players can only expect that the structure will look even better when it is finally completed. Comments on the Reddit thread praised Enigmont’s dedication, especially since they have spent over 3,000 hours putting the dome base together.

Though not the first player to build a massive base in Minecraft’s survival mode, Enigmont’s dome structure is definitely one that leaves quite an impression. Hopefully they share the final look and allow other players to download their world when they are done with the project.

Minecraft is available on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and legacy platforms.

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