Miss Tieu Vy shared that before handing over the crown to the successor

Miss Tieu Vy shared that before handing over the crown to the successor

Friday, November 20, 2020, 13:57 PM (GMT + 7)

A few hours before handing over the crown to her successor, the current Miss Vietnam Tran Tieu Vy had a few moments of heartbreaking her past two-year term.

Currently, how does Tieu Vy feel when you are only a few hours away from giving the crown to the successor?

Actually, Vy was a bit flustered and depressed, but sad not. Because now when looking back on her journey during her two years incumbent, Vy feels proud of herself having done a lot of meaningful things for herself, her family and society. Giving the crown back is giving the opportunity to a new girl, but Vy has already had her own opportunities, so she doesn’t feel sad.

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Miss Tieu Vy is about to give the crown to her successor in the final night of Miss Vietnam 2020 on November 20.

Looking back at her two years in office, does Vy have anything to regret?

During the 2 years of incumbent, Vy has done all the things that she wanted and dedicated her full time to the community, society and the mission of a beauty queen. That’s why Vy has no regrets, the only thing that Vy feels a bit sorry is that she has missed out on many important family events. Certainly after the end of her term, Vy will spend more time with her family.

During the 2 years incumbent, Vy still tried hard to complete her studies. How did you balance things out?

People are often very fond of and give Vy many compliments for her beauty. However, Vy wants to try to let people see that Vy has done a lot of beautiful and meaningful jobs. Having both a beautiful soul and a beautiful appearance is what Vy has always wanted to strive for, that is also the reason why Vy always wants to improve her studies.

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Miss Tieu Vy on the runway Beauty of Vietnam Sea 2020.

However, balancing the mission of being a Miss and ensuring studying in school is not easy either. When going to school, Vy does not want to lose her innocence and children. Sometimes I still need to live up to my age. When attending school, Vy wants people to see herself as Tran Tieu Vy, not a beauty queen. That is why when coming to school, Vy still wears T-shirts, jeans, not too picky and neat.

In real life, Vy also wants to be a girl who always brings joy and positivity to everyone. Vy found that when I showed my innocence, the people around me were also very open to and closer to me.

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Tieu Vy performs a bikini performance on the Beach Beauty stage in Vung Tau.

Accompanying the Miss Vietnam 2020 contest, how does Vy comment on this year’s contestants?

The contestants of this year’s contest are all very beautiful, gentle and very talented and knowledgeable. Therefore, Vy is also very difficult to predict who will be the beauty queen. Vy hopes that her successor will be truly worthy, and especially have a sincere heart because Vy thinks that if her appearance is not beautiful, she will gradually get better, missing knowledge can also be improved but soul and heart will not be changed, especially sincerity.

This year there are quite a few contestants who are compatriots in Central Vietnam participating in the contest. How did Vy watch and cheer for you?

Actually, Vy feels very happy because more and more contestants from the Central have boldly registered for the Miss Vietnam contest. Vy found that, after the year Vy was crowned, the central land had many people confidently registered to take the exam to show their beauty. That is also what makes Vy very proud of her tenure because she somewhat inspired the girls in Central Vietnam.

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Tieu Vy and runner-up Phuong Nga and Thuy An will have a special appearance in the final night of Miss Vietnam 2020.

How will Tieu Vy have a special appearance in the final Miss Vietnam 2020?

Vy and Phuong Nga, Thuy An proposed to general director Hoang Nhat Nam about their appearance in the final of Miss Vietnam 2020 because all three wished they would have a really impressive final appearance. statue before giving back the title to new girls. Therefore, there will be very special performances and hopefully the audience watching the finale will have a good impression as well as support for Vy and the contestants.

After giving the title back, does Vy have any new plans for me?

Over the past two years, Vy has tried many fields such as acting in advertisements, acting in music videos, and modeling in all domestic fashion runways. In terms of fashion, Vy has also experimented with many different styles. Therefore, next time there will be a change that will also be a challenge for Vy.

However, because she is young, Vy also wants to conquer herself more. Vy is also cherishing a project after the end of its term, which will be a completely new field and will certainly surprise the audience. However, this project will only be successful when Vy receives the support of everyone. Therefore, Vy hopes that she will continue to receive the love of the audience!

Thank you Tieu Vy!

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