Model West Andrea prefers see-through nightgowns

Model West Andrea prefers see-through nightgowns

Friday, August 13, 2021 11:44 AM (GMT+7)

Andrea Aybar freely shares everyday pictures on her personal page, in which it is indispensable to wear sexy lingerie.

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Andrea Aybar shows off her impressive body curves through a mysterious black lingerie design.

Andrea Aybar is a model of Hispanic descent. But from a very young age, she moved with her family to Vietnam to live and work. Therefore, Vietnam is considered as the second home of the beautiful model.

Andrea Aybar owns a liberal and glamorous fashion style. At the time of her success with modeling, she was photographed lookbook by lingerie and swimwear brands. Despite being absent for many years, this comeback, Andrea Aybar still maintains her style with a sexy fashion style even at home.

On her personal page, she often shares photos while at home during social distancing. Do not choose costumes, 2-piece skirts… Andrea Aybar promotes many sexy lingerie models. The lingerie designs she wears often have basic colors with white or black / nude…

To increase the attractiveness, the thin, penetrating nightgowns are cleverly combined by the Western model. These designs are often worn by women in the bedroom, also known as the bedroom. Because the comfortable and discreet space brings a sense of relaxation and helps them to release their optimal form.

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The shy, feminine but sexy beauty of Andrea Aybar with penetrating costumes attracts the viewer’s eyes.

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Long legs 1.75m high with three measurements of 82-60-90cm. Andrea Aybar has a fertile body, so she will score more points in lingerie shoots than slim models.

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She constantly posts many pictures of lingerie on her personal page to interact with fans. Impressive physique and modeling experience since the age of 17 help Andrea Aybar create many images with different shooting angles.

In the segment of pajamas fashion, nightgowns are a favorite item of many women. Nightgowns, depending on the material, will bring a distinct look to the wearer. In addition to the see-through shirt promoted by Andrea Aybar, many Vietnamese stars choose soft and luxurious silk nightgowns.

This shirt helps the wearer to be more discreet when stepping from the bedroom to the living room, creating a neat and elegant appearance. Although it is a home wear, the nightgown is invested by fashion houses to take care of every needle and thread. The color and shape are basic, so the material will be the factor that the wearer is more interested in.

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Tam Tit is charming with a set of black silk pajamas, details of lace trim on the shirt border increase the attractiveness of the hot girl Ha Thanh.

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The style of the nightgown is usually knee-length. The shirt is comfortable and wide, with a belt to fasten the waist conveniently and quickly when needed.

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Worshiping the rustic beauty at home, Vietnamese beauties invest in fashion pictures with nightgowns, receiving many compliments.


As an actress and model, Thai Tra My is always aware of how to take care of her skin and keep it in shape every day.


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