5 Things We Hope To See In Modern Warfare 3 (2023)

Highlights Fans hope that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 will address issues with skill-based matchmaking, allowing for more casual gameplay. The potential of inclusion of a Zombies mode in Modern Warfare 3 has fans excited, with the opportunity for new maps, objectives, and customization options.

Given the plethora of rumors and speculation in the build-up toward its reveal, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (2023) is laid in order to be a unique entry compared to its predecessors. With the Zombies mode potentially making an appearance, weapons, operators, and skins carrying over from Modern Warfare 2 (2022), it has made both the current experience and the upcoming Modern Warfare 3 more worthwhile.

Whilst there is still plenty for Activision and Sledgehammer to reveal with the next entry in the franchise, fans hold onto the hope that developers will adhere to their requests, by adding important features on this occasion.

5 Decreased/Less Egregious SBMM Modern Warfare 2 Black Noir

One of the biggest issues present in current Call of Duty entries and the current Modern Warfare 2, is skill-based matchmaking. Many players view this as punishment for performing well within each lobby, as a better K/D ratio will result in being placed in lobbies that are almost equivalent to ranked matches. With the presence of ranked matches, fans are baffled as to why skill-based matchmaking is still placed within base multiplayer.

Despite it remaining very unlikely for developers to adhere to this request in particular, the potential competition of Ubisoft’s XDefiant which contains no skill-based matchmaking, may leave developers at Sledgehammer willing to adjust this. This will benefit players who intend to enjoy casual games, without the constant need for fierce competition, which is what ranked matches are for.

4 Zombies Mode Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles promo screenshot orange edit

For the longest time, fans have wondered when they will finally get to experience the classic Zombies mode within the Modern Warfare series. Given the difference in gameplay mechanics and elements between the Black Ops series and Modern Warfare, seeing Zombies featured in Modern Warfare 3 is leaving fans anticipating its release much more than its initial speculation phase.

With the numerous amount of maps, objectives, and skins for both operators and weapons that could stem from Zombies being present, Sledgehammer has the opportunity to provide fans with a fresh take on Zombies. Maintaining its original feel is also integral, but if the rumors are indeed true, developers should focus on adding new elements for fans to experience.

3 Longer Time To Kill Ghost

As well as the complaints that players hold with the aforementioned skill-based matchmaking, the same applies to Modern Warfare 2’s time to kill. Rather than players having time to be able to gather their surroundings and locate where gunfire is coming from, once hit by enemies it is highly unlikely to be able to maneuver their way out of danger.

While it is important that the time to kill is not extended to an unrealistic amount, developers must find a balance between a fast and slow time to kill, ensuring the experience is fair and enjoyable for players. Despite the fast time to kill that is present in Modern Warfare 2 adding some layers of benefit to its gameplay, for the most part, it affects the majority of players’ experience, so it needs some form of addressing.

2 No ‘Pay To Win’ call of duty blackcell arthur

As it edges closer to the end of its mainline title support with players looking onto the next title in line, a new issue that players have found specifically for Warzone 2, there are subtle but present pay-to-win items players can purchase. Whilst it is not as egregious as other titles, especially since changes were made after backlash, it may be indicative of what lies in store for Modern Warfare 3, leaving many fans concerned.

As well as players complain about the overabundance and reliance on the game’s store, with a plethora of skins and operators to unlock that outdoes the battle passes, including pay-to-win items will ultimately ruin the game’s balance. Developers must avoid this at all costs, and adhere to maintaining a fair and balanced game in all of its modes and regions.

1 Better Battle Pass Rewards Season 5 Trailer

Above all and as aforementioned, fans have felt that rewards in recent battle passes in both Call of Duty Vanguard and Modern Warfare 2 are lackluster, especially when compared to the items available for purchase in the game’s store. If players do not purchase the additional battle pass known as Blackcell within the base version, then they will miss out on the special skins for both operators and weapons and extra COD points.

Given the pricing of the game itself on top of the battle pass and store’s presence, the introduction of Blackcell, and the lack of worthwhile skins in the base battle pass is egregious, to say the least. As most recent previous titles in the franchise have also replicated this in one form or another, Sledgehammer should focus on providing far more rewarding items in battle passes. Not only will this encourage players to invest COD points in each pass, but it will also do a great job at player retention, giving fans more of an incentive to continue playing and ranking up through each update, something that Modern Warfare 2 has struggled to achieve.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare3 (2023) is set to release November 10th, on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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