“Mom said my life is damaged when I wear sexy clothes”

“Mom said my life is damaged when I wear sexy clothes”

– Linh once apologized to her mother for wearing a bikini, can you be more specific about this?

– Mom doesn’t like me to dress too sexy. Every time, when I wear clothes that are too short or have a deep cleavage, my mother will say something like, “You have ruined my life again”. In the first stage, when I wore slightly revealing clothes, my mother was angry, angry at Linh, angry with the whole team.

But gradually, my mother also recognized that the cuts helped enhance my beauty and was not offensive. Then my mother also understood for my work.

The times, I wear somewhat “bold” clothes in a reasonable context such as: to the beach, I wear a bikini, in the summer I wear cool clothes. As for the rest, I’m not too abusive to wear sexy clothes.

In fact, when I posted those pictures with an apology, my mother already sympathized with me. Moreover, there is nothing wrong with me going to the beach wearing a bikini. Apologies are often late to the scene after bad things happen, it’s best to try not to do anything that will make you regret or hurt your loved ones.

– How does Linh feel about her mother’s strict teaching style?

– My father is a soldier, my mother is a government official, so the education of children is also somewhat strict, but I am very grateful for this strictness. It was the strictness of my parents that trained me in many good habits, curiosity, principled people, etc., all of which created the current Luong Thuy Linh.

– Have you ever done anything immature that upset your mother?

– The thing that makes my mother angry is probably my slightly revealing clothes (laughs). However, it’s not out of impulse and it’s not too offensive. I believe the anger that comes from wanting the best for your loved one and not from a bad motive will soon be resolved.

– Have you ever sat down to talk to your mother to persuade you to do something?

– That’s when I hid my mother from going to the beauty pageant and when I reached the semi-finals, I couldn’t hide it anymore. My mother didn’t like me going to the beauty pageant but wanted me to focus on my studies. I once intended to quit the exam and return to Cao Bang, the bus ticket was also prepared partly because I did not have a dress, partly because I knew that my mother would object, so I wrote an email asking to stop the contest.

But after discussion and encouragement from the organizers, I changed my mind. It was probably the best change I ever made. If on that day, I did not pursue my dream, there would be no Miss Luong Thuy Linh like today. At first, I did not dare to tell my mother, but told my father first. After that, I asked my father for help to convince my mother.

– Miss World Vietnam 2021 is kicking off with the entrance exam, does Linh send any message to this year’s contestants?

– I really hope you guys give yourself a chance to express yourself. Don’t think that going to a beauty contest or becoming a celebrity is a distant thing, before others give you a chance, give yourself a chance first.


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