Monster Hunter Now Needs One Valuable Feature From Pokemon GO

Highlights Monster Hunter Now could benefit from adapting a mechanic from Pokemon GO, allowing players to gather supplies and materials on the go and then transfer them to the mainline Monster Hunter games to give their characters a boost. While there may be obstacles in implementing this feature, such as compatibility with older games and the potential lack of shared monsters, Monster Hunter Now has the potential to provide a unique and interconnected experience for players. The success of Pokemon GO and its longevity make it a clear inspiration for other mobile games, and Monster Hunter Now has the opportunity to follow in its footsteps by offering a similar gameplay experience tailored to the Monster Hunter franchise.

Monster Hunter Now could get a lot of mileage out of adapting a mechanic that Pokemon GO offers to its players. While there are a lot of prominent differences between Monster Hunter and Pokemon, there are still some surprising benefits that could be shared between their mobile spinoffs. Pokemon GO’s longevity makes it seem like an obvious inspiration for other mobile games to follow. In the case of Monster Hunter Now though, a specific part of the game’s design could be adapted into an excellent mechanic for the upcoming title.

As of now, it looks like Niantic’s spinoff Monster Hunter Now will be an ambitious attempt to bring the popular action RPG series’ gameplay to mobile devices. While Monster Hunter hunts traditionally take several minutes or up to a half-hour depending on the difficulty, Monster Hunter Now will greatly compress the experience while still retaining the series’ spirit. Similar to Pokemon GO, players will find monsters to fight while they are walking around, although in Monster Hunter Now’s case, the purpose is to fight them rather than catch them. Even so, with Pokemon GO as an example, Monster Hunter Now’s planned gameplay is certainly achievable.

Monster Hunter Now Could Benefit From Connections to Other Games Monster Hunter Now Combat

One feature worth looking at is how players can transfer Pokemon from Pokemon GO to other games. The benefits of this system are obvious. For one, it allows the player to use the Pokemon that they catch for something other than filling out a collection or taking part in GO’s gym battles. Second, and arguably more important, it gives Pokemon GO an interaction with the rest of the series. Transferring Pokemon from Pokemon GO to Pokemon HOME unlocks strategies that may not have been available to the playable otherwise in other Pokemon titles, without making the game unfair for those who don’t play Pokemon GO.

While Monster Hunter may not have the same approach to its creatures as Pokemon, it’s worth experimenting with in Monster Hunter Now. Although players can’t collect monsters in Monster Hunter, they can gather supplies and materials that come in handy for hunts and crafting new gear. In that sense, Monster Hunter Now could have a similar use as Pokemon GO’s connectivity with Pokemon HOME. Monster Hunter Now could let players collect items and materials by traveling or participating in hunts, then connect to mainline Monster Hunter titles in order to give their characters in the main games a boost.

Of course, there may be some obstacles in pursuing such an idea. One potential complication could be that, while Monster Hunter Now’s gameplay was just revealed, the latest mainline title Monster Hunter Rise is already two years old. Unless a new game is coming in the near future, the developers would have to go back to the already-completed Rise and add new functionality to support Monster Hunter Now, which could prove difficult. In addition, there’s no guarantee that the two games will share many of the same monsters. While certainly not impossible, this could cause some complications for such a feature.

Monster Hunter Now is new grounds for the series, and it’s possible that more functions can be added to the game as its playerbase grows. The future of the Monster Hunter franchise could go in several different directions, and Monster Hunter Now can be a part of its path if its launch goes well. If the next Monster Hunter game ends up being compatible with Monster Hunter Now, players could thrive by collecting items during the day and importing them into the console games when they get home. Monster Hunter Now can definitely find success in Pokemon GO’s footsteps.

Monster Hunter Now will be released on September 14, 2023 for mobile devices.

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