“Most Beautiful Beaches of the World”, “Tropical Paradises”, with music and effects HD

I am a POET of 50+ poems, 30+ Pictured on http://www.facebook.com/PoetrybyShellah59. See more on my videos: ‘Love on the Beach’, ‘Sexiest Sunsets Beaches of the World’, ‘Lovers in Nature’, ‘Beautiful Dolphins’,. Playlists: ‘Shellah59 Videos’, “Romantic Videos”, “Romantic Movie Scenes”, “Dolphin Beach Paradise Videos”, ‘Lovemaking Music’, ‘Best Sexiest Pole Belly Flamenco Dancers’, Nelson Bay” and “Australian Videos”. View my 128+ Videos, and 20 Playlists: ‘Faces in the Clouds’ also a video, & Videos: “My Miracle Story with Image of Mother Mary in Clouds”, ‘Lightning Volcanoes with our Solar System’, “Stars, Moons, and Nebula”, “Eagles”, “video, and “Australia Aborigine Dreaming” Parts 1-4 with my poem (on cover photo). including “Shellah59 videos”, and “Shellah59 Uploaded videos” Also view my Playlists: “Lovemaking Music”, and “Jackie Evancho Best Playlist, Her Most Touching Performances” having over 20,000 views now.


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