Most Iconic Video Game Weapons

Certain weapons have transcended their virtual boundaries in video games to become iconic symbols of gaming history. These weapons are more than mere destruction tools; they have left an indelible mark on players and pop culture, from swords that have vanquished evil for generations to futuristic blasters that have redefined sci-fi warfare.

Explore the most iconic video game weapons and delve into the stories and significance behind these legendary armaments. From the BFG9000’s earth-shattering power in the world of Doom to the Master Sword’s timeless quest in The Legend of Zelda series, each weapon has a unique tale to tell. Venture through gaming history and pay homage to the weapons that have become symbols of skill, courage, and the enduring spirit of gaming.

10 Energy Sword — Halo Energy Sword Master chief wielding Energy Sword

The energy sword’s design is unmistakably Halo, and its unique appearance sets it apart as one of the most memorable weapons in the franchise. Its status as a one-hit kill in standard situations and its swift attack make it a formidable choice on the battlefield, filling opponents with fear as they try to keep their distance. Despite its range limitations, players have found creative ways to close the gap and use the Energy Sword to rack up kills, making it a fan-favorite choice for those who relish a more stealthy and predatory play style.

Beyond its gameplay effectiveness, the Energy Sword also holds sentimental value for fans due to its association with the beloved character, the Arbiter. Its return in Halo 2 and availability to both Master Chief and the Arbiter solidified its popularity, becoming a symbol of the franchise’s rich lore and universe. As a result, the Energy Sword has become an iconic and legendary weapon in video games, leaving a lasting impact on players and contributing to the allure and mystique of the Halo series.

9 Rebellion — Devil May Cry Rebellion Wielded by Dante

The Rebellion carries significant lore within the game Beyond its gameplay significance. It holds emotional and symbolic importance as a keepsake from Dante’s heroic father, the legendary Dark Knight Sparda. Rebellion played a crucial role in unlocking Dante’s demonic potential and granting him the awe-inspiring Devil Trigger ability, making it a pivotal element in the protagonist’s journey.

Moreover, It is not just a sword but a representation of the game’s identity, and Dante himself would only be complete with it adorning his back. Rebellion has become a beloved constant throughout the series, solidifying it as one of the most memorable and legendary weapons in action games. Its iconic status is a testament to the enduring legacy and impact of the Devil May Cry series on gaming.

8 The Master Sword — The Legend of Zelda Master Sword on stone

Created by the goddess Hylia, Master Sword is said to be wieldable only by a hero with the purest of hearts, adding to its legendary status. Known by various names, such as The Blade of Evil’s Bane and the Sword that Seals the Darkness, the weapon has become synonymous with Link’s quest to combat the forces of Ganon and save the Kingdom of Hyrule.

The sword’s presence in variousZeldagames, its association with Link’s heroic journey, and its embodiment of hope and salvation for Hyrule make it a beloved and iconic gaming weapon. Its enduring presence in the series since its debut in 1986 has solidified its iconic status. As players continue to wield this legendary blade, Master Sword remains an enduring symbol of courage and strength in video games.

7 Blades Of Chaos — God Of War Blades Of Chaos on fire

Forged by the God of War, Ares, as a gift and reminder of Kratos’ servitude, the Blades played a pivotal role in his rise to power. They allowed him to defeat the God and set in motion the events that led to his rise to become the God of War himself. The Blades’ involvement in his transformation from a mortal to a god and their use in taking down divine beings cement their status as one of the best video game weapons ever.

While the Leviathan Axe may emerge as another iconic weapon in the series, the original Blades of Chaos hold a special place in the hearts of fans. Their brutal appearance and role in shaping Kratos’ destiny make them unforgettable symbols of the God of War series. The Blades of Chaos will forever be remembered as a powerful and iconic weapon that defines Kratos and his epic journey.

6 Keyblade — Kingdom Hearts Keyblade held by sora

Sora’s Kingdom Key, the most recognized Keyblade, was the first to appear in the series and intricately linked to his character. Beyond its combat functionality, the weapon’s role in unlocking and locking the Keyholes of different worlds adds depth to the game’s narrative and gameplay mechanics. This ability allows Sora and his friends to access new worlds while preventing the heartless from gaining access to the heart of those worlds.

The weapon is a fusion of Disney’s lightheartedness and Square Enix’s extravagant style, showcasing the perfect blend of elements that define the Kingdom Hearts series. It serves as an effective melee weapon and a tool for unlocking worlds but also channels magic, making it a jack of all trades and master of everything it does. It’s unique and absurd appearance perfectly encapsulates the whimsical and imaginative nature of the game itself. Despite its seemingly ridiculous concept, the Keyblade works flawlessly in execution, making it a beloved and popular video game weapon.

5 Hidden Blade — Assassin’s Creed Hidden Blade wielded by Ezio

The Hidden Blade, a symbol of the Brotherhood, is synonymous with the Assassin’s Creed series and is favored by many protagonists. This retractable blade remains hidden on the wrist until its lethal purpose is revealed, making it ideal for stealthy assassinations. Despite the introduction of other weapons, the Hidden Blade remains a beloved and essential part of the game.

Since its debut in the original game in 2007, the Hidden Blade has been a constant feature in the series, except for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Over the years, it has evolved into upgraded versions that serve in stealth assassinations and combat situations. This iconic weapon has profoundly impacted gaming culture, defining the essence of the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

4 BFG9000 — Doom BFG9000 held by player

The BFG9000 from the Doom series is an iconic and beloved weapon among players. Standing for “Big F****** Gun,” it lives up to its name by taking up a significant portion of the screen when equipped. When fired, it releases a gigantic green orb of death that brings joy to the wielder and annihilates enemies in its path.

This powerful weapon is synonymous with the essence of the game, embodying the joy of destruction and the thrill of wiping out hordes of enemies. Its reputation as a “horrible hallway scouring weapon” that turns foes into puddles of gore adds to its legendary status, making it the holy grail of Doom weapons that excites players and makes them feel like total badasses. The BFG9000 is a titan of FPS butchery, and its association with the series has solidified its place as an iconic and treasured gaming weapon.

3 The Mega Buster — Mega Man The Mega-Buster wielded by Mega Man

The Mega Buster is an iconic and versatile weapon in the Mega Man series. It has been a part of Mega Man’s left hand since the first game and has evolved in power over time. Originally only capable of shooting tiny pellets, it later became the Super Mega Buster, allowing for charged shots and increased firepower. The Mega Buster serves as a base shell for modification, enabling Mega Man to acquire and utilize various weapon types from defeated robot masters. This evolution from a humble, lemon-shooting sentient to an almighty arsenal-wielding robot overlord is crucial to the gameplay experience.

The Mega Buster’s ability to expand in power with items like the metal blade or fire wave makes it an unstoppable killing machine capable of attacking enemies in multiple directions. This versatility provides for tactical platforming, setting the Mega Man series apart from other games. The Mega Buster’s significance lies in its central role as the foundation of Mega Man’s weaponry and the diverse gameplay experiences it enables. As a result, it has earned its place as one of the greatest video game weapons of all time.

2 Soul Edge — SoulCalibur Soul Edge Nightmare attacking

The Soul Edge is an iconic weapon in the Soulcalibur series, known as “The Evil Sword,” and a driving force behind the entire franchise. Possessing seemingly unlimited power, the blade gains strength by consuming the souls of the fallen. Among the many who have wielded it, Nightmare, the Azure Knight, stands out as the most prominent user, with the sword taking the form of a giant blade with a menacing eyeball.

The weapon’s malevolence is so profound that even its spirit, Inferno, becomes a separate entity, seeking to destroy Soul Calibur and the world. The Soul Edge’s dark and powerful presence has made it an enduring symbol of evil within the series and an Iconic weapon in the video game industry.

1 Vampire Killer — Castlevania Vampire Killer held by Simon

The Vampire Killer whip, an iconic weapon in the Castlevania series, is the heirloom of the Belmont clan, bestowed with power and destiny to smite the incarnation of evil, Dracula. Despite being overshadowed by other weapons in the series’ evolution, it remains an essential symbol of the heroic legacy of the Belmonts. Super Castlevania IV enhanced its appeal with versatile attacks in eight directions, adding to the fun of wielding it.

Despite the challenging platformer gameplay, mastering the whip with precision and skill brings immense satisfaction. As players traverse the castle, the Vampire Killer becomes a timeless representation of the struggle between good and evil in the Castlevania series.

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