My Life In A Fever Dream

My Life In A Fever Dream

If you don’t know, a fever dream is a “vivid, often bizarre, or unpleasant dream sleepers can experience when they have a fever,” according to While I wouldn’t necessarily say that my life is currently unpleasant, I would definitely say it is bizarre.

If you have ever stopped and wondered, “is my life real right now?” If you have, then you probably know exactly what I am talking about.

August 18th, I am going to sleep in my own bed, eating home-cooked meals, hanging out with the same friends that I have had for the past six years, and going to work. August 19th, I am going to sleep in a dorm bed about 10 feet away from another person who I have only met once before eating from a buffet made for hundreds of people.

College is something many people dream about for all their life. We spend 13 years in school to get the grades to attend the college that we want. We spend 18 years of our lives imagining the day that we finally get to go. Yet, here I am, finally living it, and all I can think is, “when will I wake up?”

It seems so surreal that I am now in the place of my life I spent so long being so excited for. I am constantly wondering if this is really my life now, or if I am just in a really vivid dream from middle school. I mean seriously, I feel like I am going to wake up one day and be back in seventh grade joining the National Junior Honors Society so that it will look good on my college applications.

I did not expect the thing that I spent so many years looking forward to and dreaming about to feel like just that, a dream. A summer camp.

I remember my sister being in college and getting so jealous every time she told me a story about her night out or about how she spent the whole night studying at the library with her friends, but now it’s me. I am living the same stories and making awesome memories that I will get to share when at the time it felt like this day would never come.

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