Nature Sounds: ☯ Relaxing ZEN for Yoga and Meditation

Nature Sounds: ☯ Relaxing ZEN for Yoga and Meditation

#Nature #Sounds #Relaxing #ZEN #Yoga #Meditation

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Nature Sounds: Relaxing ZEN for Yoga and Meditation in Japanese Gardens
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☯ ZEN for Meditation and Yoga in Japanese gardens with nature sounds ☯
Imagine the wonderful melodies of songbirds, the ever-changing wind and fresh, running water to set the atmosphere for stress relief, yoga sessions & meditation. You may also be interested in our vast collection of relaxing films filled with ocean sounds and picturesque views. Make sure to visit our channel for a full view of all we have made available!

Try playing this film on your HDTV and your home will instantly feel like you have a new window with a beautiful view of an authentic Japanese garden. Much like gardens of other countries around the world, the Japanese built their gardens to assist with peace of mind, tranquility, and clarity. The sounds of singing birds and gentle wind will truly add a natural atmosphere that will help your family relax at any time of the day… or night.

One of our newest films, “Japanese Garden Window” leaves out the disturbing city sounds that may still be heard in your nearest park. The combination of such nature sounds as singing birds and running water and the day’s breezes are highly recommended for yoga exercises, cool-downs after a long day and meditative practices. We hope you enjoy watching and listening to this as much as we did making it.

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