New Game Has Serious Punch-Out Vibes


Indie game Thunder Ray, developed by Purple Tree Studio, is reminiscent of Nintendo’s classic Punch-Out series. The game follows the story of Thunder Ray, a powerful boxer kidnapped by the Galactic Boxing Federation. Thunder Ray is is set to release in September 2023 on PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox consoles.

A new indie game that is releasing this year, Thunder Ray, is very reminiscent of Nintendo’s classic boxing series, Punch-Out. This indie game is developed by Purple Tree Studio, a developer located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The studio has previously developed some indie titles that are a throwback to other retro games, such as Golazo, a dynamic soccer sports simulation game.

The Punch-Out games are not as popular as Super Mario Bros. orThe Legend of Zelda, but it still has plenty of fans. The most acclaimed titles include the original NES game that featured Mike Tyson and the Nintendo Wii reboot developed by Next Level Games. In the Punch-Out games, players strap on the gloves of Little Mac to fight cartoonish boxers in order to become the champion of the World Video Boxing Association. Purple Tree Studio’s Thunder Ray follows the same premise and rhythmic gameplay.

According to Thunder Ray’s synopsis, the player character, the titular Thunder Ray, is the most powerful boxer on Earth, and they have been kidnapped by the Galactic Boxing Federation to compete in their tournament. Thunder Ray accepts, aiming to be the greatest boxer of all time. The Punch-Out influences are very evident in the gameplay trailer, where players can throw out jabs, hooks, or uppercuts, while also needing to dodge a variety different strikes from their opponents.

Unlike the cartoony human boxers from Punch-Out, Thunder Ray has the player taking on all matter of intergalactic competitors. These aliens all have unique fighting styles, with some utilizing their mouth or other body parts to attack. Players will require quick reflexes to succeed in the game. Like Punch Out’s Little Mac, Thunder has access to a variety of special moves when he builds enough super meter, such as a series of rapid-fire punches, or a devastating uppercut.

Many praised the game and view it as an unofficial follow-up to Nintendo’s dormant series. The game is slated for this September, though no specific date has been given. The trailer also lists that it will be available on PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox consoles as well.

Thunder Ray will launch September 2023 for PC, PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox.

Source: Thunder Ray, Steam

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