Nobody asked, but this Starfield modder delivered—here’s the most innocent companion as Thomas the Tank Engine

The Starfield mod pipe has been gushing out bangers, like one that overhauls the UI and another that adds Nvidia’s DLSS, but, until today, none of them have inserted the funny blue train that seems to get modded into every videogame in existence: Thomas the Tank Engine.

BulwarkHD has corrected that with a mod that transforms Starfield’s most innocent companion into Starfield’s most horrifying companion. Thomas the Tank Engine Vasco Retexture is a mod that wraps the nice little robot in the skin of the happy blue train, and it couldn’t be more disturbing to look at. The mod paints the lanky robot blue and red and slaps Thomas’ unblinking face onto the front of his body.

“That is creepy as f*#@.” NexusMods user Tyyphoon said in the comments, echoing any regular person’s reaction to seeing the screenshots of Vasco with Thomas’ face strapped to his chest. In a reply, BulwarkHD offered a warning: “Thomas is here to kick ass and haul freight, and he’s all outta cargo.”

You won’t gain any benefits from the Thomas the Tank Engine Vasco mod. It doesn’t boost Vasco’s damage or make it possible to romance him. No, it just makes Vasco worse to be around every time you pass by him as you exit your ship or visit The Lodge.

If you’re OK with downloading this nightmare onto your computer, it’s simple to install. Steam players need to copy over the mod’s “Data” folder into your Documents/My Games/Starfield directory and edit the StarfieldCustom.ini file with the code on the NexusMods page. PC players using the Windows Store version (Game Pass) will have to search their C drive for Starfield’s install location and the Starfield.ini file instead.

And so the tradition of Thomas the Tank Engine haunting every moddable videogame continues. He’s disgraced everything from Skyrim and Fallout 4 to Hogwarts Legacy and Resident Evil 2, and he doesn’t seem to be hitting the brakes anytime soon. Nobody knows when his reign will stop.

You don’t have to suffer, though. Starfield’s best mods are far less unsettling and fix a lot of its most tedious features.

Source:IGN Gaming

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