Noisy around the “accidental” costumes of the Olympic sport with the sexiest sportswear

Noisy around the “accidental” costumes of the Olympic sport with the sexiest sportswear

Thursday, July 29, 2021 10:56 AM (GMT+7)

Athletes will be less scrutinized about their appearance when wearing discreet outfits.

Gymnastics and artistic gymnastics wear always have many consequences related to sexual harassment.

Victims of green-bearded lovers

In recent times, when it was time for the Tokyo Olympic Games to be held, the issue of costumes of athletes in Gymnastics and Artistic Gymnastics (TDNT) was controversial. , waste paper and ink of the press. Because, these are said to be subjects with sexy costumes, attracting attention and causing many athletes to get in trouble.

Many athletes have become victims of sexual assault by dressing too sexy.

Three years ago, the scandal that shook the sports world was related to sexual harassment of American female gymnasts. In it, Larry Nassar – a therapist on the US gymnastics team, was accused of sexually abusing many athletes in this country for many years, causing extreme anger. Specifically, this doctor sexually assaulted more than 350 minors and women and received a total sentence of 175 years in prison. Or many female athletes in this subject had to painfully admit to being embarrassed when they received rude comments about their body when they had to wear clothes sparingly.

Many American female gymnasts have become victims of Larry Nassar’s sexual harassment.

The flip side of sexy

Many people think that fashion is just an auxiliary thing, but in fact it plays a much more role than that, especially with some typical sports such as gymnastics and athletics. These 2 subjects are ranked as one of the sexiest in sports, besides dancing, beach volleyball, figure skating…

In addition to the fierce matches and brainstorming races, sports fans are also attracted by another factor that is the performance and competition costumes of the athletes. Gymnastics and outdoor sports always have a very unique attraction for the entire audience, especially men.

Since birth, the costumes of gymnastics have been very sexy.

Soviet gymnastics legend Larisa Latynina in typical costumes of the sport.

So in this Tokyo Olympic Games, it was divided into 3 groups of costumes in sports and athletics. Western Europeans mostly wear soft elastic pants that are above the knee but have a high split for easy movement. Germany, France, Belgium and some other Western European countries enforce more discreet dress code. Eastern European countries and the US delegation still kept their old costumes, ie bikinis. Many Muslim female athletes wear a different outfit. Pants are like men’s shorts but with elastic material and long-sleeve shirt.

TDNT is one of the most sexy sports in the competition.

This is not the first time there have been disagreements, controversies or innovations related to competition costumes. At the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Argentina, there was a fierce controversy about the way young female athletes dress too sexy, they wear competition clothes that are no different from going to the beach. Or not long ago, to protest the sex-genderization in gymnastics and performances, the athletes of the German team used full-body competition costumes. And said and done, the “revolution” of Germany’s competition clothes was clearly shown right on the stage of the gymnastics team at the last Tokyo Olympics. While gymnastics teams from other countries still wear bikinis that are cut, leaving bare feet, German athletes have worn long, closed-door suits.

Germany is one of the pioneering countries in the reform of sports uniforms.

Controversial reforms

Until now, we are probably too familiar with the image of female gymnasts and athletes wearing short jumpsuits made from stretchy fabric like one-piece swimsuits. The same type of leotard overalls, but in the past it had a simple design, but now many female athletes’ leotards are not only colorful but can also be attached to thousands of sophisticated and sparkling crystals. Even, many athletes also show extreme sexy through see-through outfits or thin, body-hugging chiffon material.

Gymnastics and gymnastics athletes in general do not have the right to decide what clothes they will wear to perform.

Not only in terms of materials, but also in the design and area of ​​​​the outfit, there are also innovations. The hips are raised higher, helping the girls show off their physical beauty more clearly. This change creates a high visual effect, helping the female athlete to have longer and more beautiful legs on the court. That means the sexy is also pushed higher when performing movements in the subject. It is worth mentioning here that even though they are wearing their own costumes, female athletes can only comment and comment on costumes during the process of tailoring and trying on clothes, but they do not have the right to choose a model. competition uniform. The selected person is the coach of the team.

Athletes will be less scrutinized and tattooed about their appearance when wearing discreet outfits.


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