Gamer finds nostalgic game collection at grandpa’s house

One player shared a discovery he made while cleaning his grandfather’s house, rediscovering an impressive collection of classic games. The gaming industry has released many consoles and games over the years, with several becoming classics. Companies like Sega and Nintendo made history with classic titles that became the cornerstones of what gaming is today.

As players age, their childhood possessions are put away, and over time, they can get lost. When players move, have big sales, or clean up, it’s not uncommon for these items to appear when least expected. It could be old comics, toys, or some classic Pokémon cards that could be worth a lot today.

Reddit user Kyrosnick made a nostalgic discovery while cleaning his grandfather’s house, finding a box of his childhood games. The box features a collection of NES games featuring Cobra Triangle, Robocop, Captain Skyhawk, Bad Dudes, Jaws and Dragon Spirit. The list goes on with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Blaster Master, Metal Storm, Werewolf and Anticipation. One of the prominent names in the player’s collection is Adventures of Lolo, a game developed by HAL Laboratory, the same studio behind Pokémon Snap, and Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. Another curious name is Yo! Noid, a Super Mario Bros. from the adventures of Noid, a mascot created by Domino’s in the 1980s.

Kyrosnick’s game collection goes beyond NES games and features a comprehensive list of Sega games. Some names that will catch the attention of veteran players are Ecco the Dolphin, Road Rash, Golden Ax 2, Toe Jam and Earl, Super Street Fighter 2 and Streets of Rage, one of the pioneers of the beat ’em up genre. They revealed that their Sega games also include the sequel Streets of Rage 2, Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat 2, and the first three Sonic the Hedgehog games, some of the best games in the Sonic series. The full list of Kyrosnick’s collection includes even more titles, including:

F-22 Interceptor Ranger X Super Thunder Blade NFL Football 94 NBA Jam World Series Baseball X-Men Jurassic Park Sonic Pinball Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition NHLPA Hockey ’93 T2: The Arcade Game Fatal Fury Toe Jam & Earl 2: Panic on Funkotron James Pond 2

For gamers who want to authentically relive their childhood memories, there are some sites and stores that specialize in selling old games and consoles. But for gamers who prefer a more modern solution, some classic Sega games can be found on Steam. Nintendo fans can turn to Nintendo Switch Online, an online subscription service that regularly makes classic games and some more obscure games available to Switch owners.

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