Not Letting Students Use The Restroom Is The Cruelest School/College Regulation Ever!

Not Letting Students Use The Restroom Is The Cruelest School/College Regulation Ever!

Every day, there is at least one student that needs to use the restroom in class. When students ask the teacher/professor to use the restroom, the teacher/professor says, “No.” The teacher/professor says that he or she will only let the student go only if it is an emergency. Students say, “Of course it is an emergency.” After a lot of students ask to use the restroom, the teacher/professor gets irritated about students using the restroom. They say, “That’s it! After this student, no one else is using the restroom!” They have a mean, strict tone or a bad attitude when they respond to students.

When students cannot use the restroom in class, they have to hold it. Some teachers/professors do not care if students pee or poop in class. They say that to the students. When that happens, they just call in the janitor to clean up the mess and send students to the nurse’s office or health office. They do not apologize to the student for not letting them use the restroom. They just keep teaching and probably say in their heads, “That’s the student’s fault for not using the restroom earlier or for drinking water in class.” Teachers/professors have to understand that students need to drink water for nutrients and survival. Teachers/professors do not know that other teachers/professors did not let their students use the restroom. Also, some students have to go home after the class. What if going home takes a long time? There is traffic and distance to keep in mind.

Why do teachers/professors have a problem with students using the restroom? Here are some reasons. They think that students are skipping the class. They think that students are cheating on the test. They think that students will not be smart if they use the restroom. They think that their lesson is more important than anything else. They are scared that administrators or principals will fire them for letting students use the restroom. In my opinion, not letting students use the restroom is terrible! Students will be embarrassed and traumatized. They complain to their parents about it and their parents understand how they feel. Some parents sue schools for not letting students use the restroom during class.

There are many ways to make restroom regulation better. If a student is using the restroom every day or for a long time one day, teachers/professors need to talk to the student and make sure he or she is okay before they restrict him or her from using the restroom. They should also let the parents know as well. Teachers/professors need to check on students’ grades. If students are using the restroom a lot of times during their class and still get an A, then that is okay! If teachers/professors fear that students are going to use their cellphones in the restroom, then they should have students put their cellphones on the teachers’/professors’ desks and show that they have nothing else in their pockets before they go. The same can be done if they fear that students are going out of class to cheat on the test.

Another good solution is each classroom has a restroom. That way, students do not need to walk far outside of class. If students are taking a long time in the restroom, teachers/professors can knock on the restroom door. They can tell them to hurry up or check if they are alright in the restroom. A restroom in a classroom will make teachers see that their students are not skipping class. They will also see that something is truly wrong with the student.

These solutions show that students have the right to use the restroom. It is unhealthy for students to hold the toxic in their bodies. Students’ health and safety are more important than education in the school. If you are planning to become a school/college administrator or teacher/professor, then you should allow students to use the restroom no matter what. Try to implement the solutions I have written in the school, college, or classroom.

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