April 13, 2021

“Not such a patchwork, loosely speaking”

“Not such a patchwork, loosely speaking”

Recently, in an interview, My Tam said that she liked Mai Tai Phen in being gentle, cute and thoughtful. He is the one who understands the story, so My Tam does not need to “pick up and pick up after” when together. She said “Phen likes me and me too” dong weather Highway, My Tam changed to calling Mai Tai Phen “anh” and the actor called her “co Ut”.

Facts - My Tam said about love: 'It's not such a patchwork, ignorance story'

Close and intimate images of My Tam and Mai Tai Phen.

At the same time, My Tam also affirmed, there is no reason to deny the feelings of juniors. In the future, the female singer expresses her desire to advance to a strong relationship. If that doesn’t work, she hopes the two will remain friends. This makes the audience believe that My Tam has publicly revealed her love story with actor Mai Tai Phen after many love rumors.

Before the stir of the online community, My Tam recently officially spoke on the fanpage. She said she felt frustrated by the love stories that were woven.

“Until I marry someone, I will announce it clearly, not a patchy story like today, it is not my person so you can stop asking, quit Or set it up after my story to make it fun?

I have never been bothered with the love stories that you guys are writing to interrupt my artistic path like now, “she wrote.

At the same time, My Tam also said that past love is a catalyst for her music activities. She hopes the audience will respect the closed relationships and affirm that the greatest love in her life is art:

“I have been in a couple of relationships, and I don’t know if there are any more, but I have certainly not changed my love for my music lover for the past twenty years … Am I a bit cruel? I was selfish with that sentiment …

So can you guys just leave that to yourself? I was here, and forever like that never changed, why should I be too concerned about what I wanted to do privately? “.

Facts - My Tam said about love: 'It is not such a patchwork, loosely speaking story' (Figure 2).

Mai Tai Phen is 11 years younger than My Tam.

In addition, My Tam also affirmed that music and fans are an effective “medicine” for the singer to overcome ups and downs, hurts or loneliness in life. My Tam said: “I believe that all these emotions will melt away when I am where I belong, which is my sacred stage, where only music and music lovers really are. There, no questioning, no indignation, not indulging in the things we don’t want, only laughter, eyes filled with thousands of words of love. that’s it “.

After just a few minutes of posting, the post attracted more than 100,000 interactions with hundreds of comments and shares. Below the comment section, My Tam received many words of encouragement and sharing from colleagues as well as fans. In it, actor Kha Nhu wrote: “You can do whatever you want. Whatever you want. You can do whatever you want. As long as My Tam is happy!”. In addition, the audience also showed their support for the female singer even though she dated anyone.

Previously, the information that My Tam had publicly felt about Mai Tai Phen in an interview caused a stir in public opinion. Many fans of “brown-haired girl” are excited, but there are also people who are confused because she has never admitted to love anyone before.

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