“Number of movies reduced by 50%”

“Number of movies reduced by 50%”

Share with Reporter PV LawMr. Vi Kien Thanh – Director of the Department of Cinema (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) said: “The import licensing for all cultural products with film content is currently under the provisions of the Decree. No. 32/2012 / ND-CP dated April 12, 2012 of the Government.Professional films include films shown on television stations; movies at theaters, films imported for introduction templates, browsers; films for purposes teaching, research …

Event - Film Bureau talks about importing movies in theaters: 'Number of films reduced by 50%'

Mr. Vi Kien Thanh – Director of Cinema Department (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism).

When the TV station or the enterprise requests to import the film, the Department of Cinema shall issue the import permit (the deadline as prescribed is no more than 2 working days). Enterprises holding permits to go to the Customs (in the case of importing through the border gate) receive the film copy and bring it to the Department of Cinema for assessment. Within no more than 12 days, the Department of Cinema assesses and issues the assessment. In case of importing movies via internet connection, the Department of Cinema still has to issue import permits (under Clause 1, Article 3 of Decree 32), enterprises will download films and send them to the Department for assessment.

With cultural products imported at Tan Son Nhat border gate and registered businesses business and is headquartered in the South, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has authorized the Department of Culture and Sports, City. Ho Chi Minh City conduct inspection procedures and hand over assessment minutes. With imported cultural products at Noi Bai border gate and registered businesses and headquartered in the North, the Cinema Department will carry out inspection procedures and issue inspection records “.

Mr. Vi Kien Thanh added: “When enterprises with the function of distributing films imported into Vietnam, they must seek permission from the Cinema Department to censor the film content before being licensed by the Department. , The Film Review Council of the Department is currently under great pressure, pressure from superiors, colleagues, audiences, and public opinion. The remuneration is extremely low. I have just accepted the position of Director here for less than a year. When I returned, I was surprised to understand that after the film review fee was very low, but could not be raised due to the regulations of the Ministry of Finance. If people from outside do not know, they will not understand this story By April 2021, this Film Review Council will end its term, but many screenwriters feel pressure so they say they will not do it again. the difficulty with the current Department of Cinema ”.

Events - The Cinema Department talks about importing movies in theaters: 'The number of films decreased by 50%' (Figure 2).

Fast & Furious series – Too fast too dangerous is a series of imported films loved by Vietnamese audiences.

“The year 2020 due to the complicated evolution of the epidemic Covid-19, the number of foreign films imported to Vietnam has decreased, decreasing by 50% compared to every year. Movie theaters must also be wary of disease. This is the general situation of the world, new movies are not much “- Mr. Vi Kien Thanh said.

Director Ngoc Tuan said: “The fact that theaters reduce revenue and hesitant in importing films is due to objectivity. Even in the early days of 2021, the cinemas could not” burst “out to their fullest. It’s only been a week since the cinema has been open to visitors, but regulations on the Covid-19 epidemic room are still tight. movie Godfather, very old girl, V…”.

Talking about the situation of the movie screenings of Covid-19 season, Mr. Luong Cong Hieu – General Director of Galaxy Cinema confided: “If you want the audience to support the movie without a good movie, how can you attract it? Does the producer dare the adventure to show the imported film at this time, when Covid-19 is not sure to end and the fear of the audience remains. The box office of Vietnamese films in 2019 is more than 1,200 billion VND, listen It is very large, but the publisher took 600 billion VND (usually divided 50/50), but each film made an average of 12 billion VND, the average breakeven point was 24-25 billion VND.

Looking at that, we will see that in 42 Vietnamese films released in theaters in 2019, only about 10 wins, most of them break even and lose. With such reality, convincing producers to bring the movie to theaters during this difficult time is not easy, because they have nothing to be adventurous.

Events - The Cinema Department talks about importing movies in theaters: 'The number of films decreased by 50%' (Figure 3).

In March 2021, the movie The Godfather reached a box office record, in the first 4 days of screening it had a turnover of 100 billion VND.

Mr. Hoang Hai – Distribution Director of CJ CGV Vietnam confided: “Having good movies will bring audiences to theaters, if the audience supports us, we will show both Vietnamese films and imported films. Viet is also gradually regaining its position, now is an opportunity for Vietnamese films to show their strength and attractiveness, because imported films are low, competition is also significantly reduced, only us and us. . Korean, Chinese domestic films … in the post-Covdid-19 period have done this very well in their countries. “

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