“Office beauty” wears shorts with pockets

“Office beauty” wears shorts with pockets

Monday, July 19, 2021 05:00 AM (GMT+7)

These pants should be worn skillfully to subtly flatter the figure.

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Korean models attract attention with their choice of flattering outfits.

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She has the nickname “office beauty” thanks to the office staff photos.

Jeon Yebin is a South Korean model with nearly 600,000 followers on Instagram. She once received attention when posting photos of herself as an office worker, so she is also known by this nickname.

Recently, Yebin shared some pictures on her personal page that attracted attention. Possessing a beautiful body, she is sexy in whatever she wears. Although the entire outfit is pink, the image of the beauty is not cheesy.

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She chose pink tone sur tone shirt and pants to create a fresh feeling.

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However, she revealed her bra straps and did not wear protective pants for safety.

However, in terms of principle, Yebin’s image is somewhat untidy. The beauty chose to wear a croptop design with two thin straps, but the underwear has a large strap, so it leads to the situation of “wires overlapping”. In addition, the chest cup is higher than the strapless shirt.

Combined with that, she wears hot pants. This style of pants is inherently short, so it is often worn with protective pants to avoid revealing, but the beauty does not use it, so the 3rd round becomes obvious.

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Beautiful people often choose to wear hot pants in the style of no protective pants.

It’s not hard to see how dressing like this seems to have become Yebin’s style. Although these are easy costumes to cause marketing, but the beauty has a rather bold way of dressing.

To wear more safely and properly, you can refer to some of the following suggestions. With two-string shirts, you should pay attention to the problem of underwear so as not to reveal the straps. You can wear a strapless bra or replace it with an inner strap so as not to distract the viewer.

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The lingerie straps overlap the straps, making the overall look unappealing.

If you want to choose to wear lingerie in a fashionable way instead of tight shirts like that, you can choose a see-through shirt and a big bralette.

As for hot pants, right from the start, it was known as the market because it exceeded the standards of women’s clothing. To dress subtly, people often use protective pants – tight pants worn inside to avoid accidents. You should only comfortably wear them without protective items when the pants are long enough.

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You may not need the protective pants when your hot pants are long enough.

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When going to the gym, beauties are careful in choosing clothes to support maximum training.


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