Oh No! What? Rumors about Lisa Leaving Blackpink Band, Is It True? Find Out

Oh No! What? Rumors about Lisa Leaving Blackpink Band, Is It True? Find Out

Blackpink is the biggest Girl Band in the world right now. Formed and Debuted in the year 2016, since the beginning it consisted of its four original members Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rose. Since its formation, they achieved many big successes together raising the K-Pop culture at the world level.

Now and then there’s always a rumor that someone from the band is leaving the group. This time it is about Lisa from the Blackpink. Lisa is the lead rapper, main dancer, and vocalist of the group. In the eyes of many fans, she is the face of the Blackpink.

She enjoys a massive fan following. These fans are not only from South Korea but from different parts of the world as well. Because of this huge fandom, fans think she should part ways with Blackpink and should start her career individually. She has more than 58 million followers on Instagram which is approximately 17 million more than Blackpink itself and that’s where the start of the theory of bigger than the group comes into play.

BLACKPINK's Lisa drops major hint for her solo debut, BLINKS can't keep  calm | K-pop Movie News - Times of India
Recently Lisa has confirmed that she is preparing for her debut solo album on her Instagram handle. It is anticipated that it will be released on 10 Sept. The name of the album is “Lalisa”. It means Lisa is starting a new venture as a solo musician along with her group Blackpink.

There is nothing confirmed about her leaving the group. As per the available insight, it all appears to be fake news and rumors. Though Lisa is starting her career as a solo musician does not mean she is going to leave her Five Year Bond with Blackpink. Now only time will tell whether it is real news or just another fake news about celebrities.

Chinese fans concerned after Blackpink's Lisa gets death threat - Global  Times

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