Omega Strikers Codes (August 2023)

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Omega Strikers is an exciting game where players can take part in air hockey matches. Players must shoot at the opponent’s goal to earn points and attack the other team’s players to gain an advantage and advance in the game. The key to winning is teamwork and using a variety of skills to defeat the other team.

Omega Strikers is an online game, and players can choose characters with unique abilities that will help them win. To diversify the gameplay and improve the gaming experience, developers added many emote codes. Players can find a full list of all Omega Strikers codes in this article below.

Updated August 17, 2023, by Artur Novichenko: This article is constantly updated to provide players with new codes for Omega Strikers. Those hoping to get their hands on new nameplates and emotes should check back here often to avoid missing out on any of the great freebies that are on offer.

All Omega Strikers Emotes Codes Omega Strikers Codes (1)

After each match in Omega Strikers, players can react with a certain emote. A list of codes to use these emote can be found below:

Codes Checked on August 17, 2023.

All Active Omega Strikers Emotes Codes (August 2023) PRIDE – Enter to claim Blobbo Pride Player Nameplate 5UP – Enter to claim 5up emote. ASU – Enter to claim ASU Esports Association emote. BLAU – Enter to claim Blau3 emote. BOSTON – Enter to claim Boston College Gaming emote. BRUINGG – Enter to claim Bruin Gaming emote. CHICO – Enter to claim Chico emote. CMU – Enter to claim CMU emote. CODE – Enter to claim Placeholder2 emote. COMFY – Enter to claim Lily emote. COOG – Enter to claim COOG emote. DRLUPO – Enter to claim DrLUPO emote. DUCKY – Enter to claim Ducky emote. DUSSELDORF – Enter to claim Dusseldorf emote. DYRUS – Enter to claim Dyrus emote. ENVIOSITY – Enter to claim Enviosity emote. ESPORTSFS – Enter to claim Esports Club at Florida State emote. ETSU – Enter to claim ETSU emote. FANSHAWE – Enter to claim FANSHAWE emote. FGCU – Enter to claim FGCU emote. GARDENSTATE – Enter to claim Garden State Esports emote. GCU – Enter to claim GCU Esports emote. GEORGIATECH – Enter to claim GT Esport emote. HAFU – Enter to claim Hafu emote. HAMBURGER – Enter to claim Hamburger emote. HARRISBURG – Enter to claim Harrisburg emote. IEN – Enter to claim IEN emote. IHSEA – Enter to claim IHSEA Esports emote. ILLINI – Enter to claim Illini Esports emote. INDIANA – Enter to claim INDIANA emote. KEAN – Enter to claim KEAN emote. KING – Enter to claim King emote. LESLERS – Enter to claim Fuslie emote. LIBERTY – Enter to claim Liberty Esports emote. MOIST – Enter to claim Moist emote. MSSTATE – Enter to claim Mississippi State University Esports emote. NECRIT – Enter to claim Placeholder emote. NEMU – Enter to claim Nemu emote. NINER – Enter to claim NINER emote. NVCC – Enter to claim NVCC emote. NWCIOWA – Enter to claim NWCIOWA emote. OHIOSTATE – Enter to claim OHIOSTATE emote. OHNORTHERN – Enter to claim Ohio Northern University Esports emote. OKWESLEYAN – Enter to claim Oklahoma Wesleyan University emote. ONIGRI – Enter to claim Onigri emote. PURDUE – Enter to claim Purdue University Gamers Group emote. RAKIN – Enter to claim Rakin emote. RAYDITZ – Enter to claim Rayditz emote. RUTGERS – Enter to claim Rutgers Esports emote. RWU – Enter to claim RWU emote. SHERIDAN – Enter to claim Sheridan Esports emote. SLIPPERYROCK – Enter to claim Sliperry Rock Esports emote. SPARTANS – Enter to claim Spartans emote. STCLAIR – Enter to claim STCLAIR emote. STLOUIS – Enter to claim Saint Louis University Esports emote. SYKKUNO – Enter to claim Sykkuno emote. TACO – Enter to claim IKeepItTaco emote. TEMPLE – Enter to claim Temple Esports emote. TNTECH – Enter to claim TNTECH emote. TORI – Enter to claim Tori emote. TRITON – Enter to claim TRITON emote. TUONTO – Enter to claim Tuonto emote. TXST – Enter to claim TXST Esports emote. UBC – Enter to claim UBC emote. UCF – Enter to claim UCF Esports emote. UCSB – Enter to claim UCSB emote. UNCCH – Enter to claim UNC Chapl Hill Esports emote. UOTTAWA – Enter to claim uOttawa Esports emote. UWRF – Enter to claim UWRF Esports emote. UWSTOUT – Enter to claim UW Stout Esports emote. VIENNA – Enter to claim Vienna emote. WATERLOO – Enter to claim Waterloo Warriors emote. WICHITA – Enter to claim WICHITA emote. WILDCATS – Enter to claim Wildcats emote. WINTHROP – Enter to claim Winthrop University emote. All Expired Omega Strikers Emotes Codes (August 2023)

There are no expired codes at the moment. But this article is constantly updated to provide players with the latest information.

How to Redeem Codes in Omega Strikers Omega Strikers Codes (2)

Just like in many other mobile games, redeeming codes in Omega Strikers is a very easy process. However, there are a few peculiarities in this process. All fans can find information about this process and its features below:

To get started, launch Omega Strikers. Next, players need to go to the store. But to unlock it, they need to complete the first missions. Next, players need to click the “Coupon” button, which is located at the bottom right. A field will appear on the screen where players need to enter the above codes. Omega Strikers Tips and Tricks Omega Strikers Codes Hit the ball when it’s already moving towards the goal to control its direction. Use skills immediately after striking the ball to create a second impact and surprise goalies. Certain characters are better at playing goalie and can create walls or block multiple skills with a single ability. Pass to teammates for more guaranteed shots and learn to use character-specific abilities effectively. The Best Action Games Like Omega Strikers Omega Strikers Codes (1)

Omega Strikers is a game about hockey that boasts cool cartoon graphics. It offers an interesting action experience, but there are plenty of other captivating games that are like Omega Strikers which fans are advised to try, as listed below:

NBA LIVE FIFA 23 Mario Strikers: Battle League Rocket League Squad Alpha

Omega Strikers is available on Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, and PC.

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