On Page SEO Checker – Free Tool for On-Page Analysis

On Page SEO Checker – Free Tool for On-Page Analysis Identify the most critical technical on-page SEO issues affecting your web pages performance

Why page health matters


Fix SEO issues found on TOP landing pages

Detect and fix errors with meta tags, content optimization, indexation and page speed. Make sure the most important pages of your website have perfect technical health.


Get better rankings

Have you ever tried to change web pages’ content to get better search results, but failed? Start from correcting meta tags, internal linking and improving page speed results.


Grow conversion rate and sales with SEO web page analyzer

Users love well-optimized pages with unique and useful content. Remove broken links, improve navigation and page loading to get more conversions and leads.

On Page SEO Checker helps:

Check on-page SEO elements

To assess the quality of internal optimization, it’s important to check the following factors: page size, description, meta title, h1-h6 tags, HTTP status code, URL structure, display in SERP. It is all primary tasks of website SEO analysis. find broken links and redirect chains

Detect issues that slow your web page

Avoid big-sized images or those without titles and alt attributes. Using high-quality small-sized pictures with correct alt tags can help increase the website performance and gain more organic traffic.

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Check technical SEO errors

It’s difficult to find technical SEO errors, but they may often occur. The following errors can significantly hamper the promotion of your website. On page SEO analysis is your winning step for better on-site optimization.

crawl website for SEO errors

Perform scanning of all external and internal links found on the page

It’s important to keep an eye on the number and quality of internal and external links. The same procedure should be performed with reference to HTTP status codes and anchors. Our On Page SEO checker tool can ease your job. All broken links should be replaced.

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Check web page’s mobile-friendliness and SEO onpage score

You should launch a site speed test of web pages on mobile and desktop devices. You can derive information related to the page quality from the results of Google Page Speed report. In order to make certain web pages mobile-friendly, you should check the SEO site checkup guidelines. This will help to increase the visibility of a specific web page for search engines and users. crawl website for SEO errors
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How it works

how it works

Our bot checks URL in a real time

Sitecheckerbot crawls entered URLs by the list of the most important technical parameters in real time. We don’t cache results, so you can recheck the page immediately as changes were made.

how it works

Report is based on web page characteristics

It includes the list of critical errors, warnings, info blocks and how-to-fix guides. SEO page analyzer gives you a comprehensive report of your pages.

how it works

Page Score is calculated depends on this formula

The onpage score is calculated after the checking of all parameters. Note, that it is our custom formula. And the main goal of this index is to evaluate the technical SEO health of the page.

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Extra combination for real Pros

  • One time page’s health audit will help to improve your TOP landing pages.
  • One time website’s health audit will help to get more traffic and sales on a larger scale.
  • Hourly monitoring of website’s health will help keep your business running and control its growing.
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