April 17, 2021

On-Page SEO Optimization – The Best Tips of – 2020

On-page SEO optimization is very important for ranking a post on Google’s first page. If you are a Blogger, then this post is very important for you. Many people write long posts on their blogs but their posts do not rank on Google’s first page. Do you know, why don’t their posts rank on the first page of Google? Because they never pay attention to the importance of on-page optimization. If you also do not give importance to on-page SEO optimization, maybe you will suffer for it later.

On-page SEO optimization just requires you to be a bit strategic, if you are a bit strategic, I can say with certainty that you can do on-page SEO optimization. If you think on-page SEO optimization is a big deal, then you are wrong. Through this post, I will tell you some important and secret tips and techniques, If you follow these tips and techniques, 100% your post will rank on Google.

So, Let’s learn How to Do On-Page SEO Optimization:

Before start writing select the Topic or Niche:

Page Contents

Before you start writing an article, select the subject or niche that you want to write. Because if you do not select a topic, your blog post or article will not be completely subjective. Your article will be random. And no one would love to read this article. So before you start writing an article or blog post, you must select a topic or niche, and write the entire article based on that topic or niche.

Here are important tips for you: You will find many articles on the internet that you are thinking about writing about. You first can get some ideas from those posts. If you are writing on your own with some ideas, you can write a lot.

Check Search Volume and Keyword Competition:

Many times the search volume may not be what you wish. But if you work with keywords that may be rank in the future, Then your post will be at the top of the rankings in the future. And when your keywords are submitted to Google’s robots for search, it will be difficult for others to move your post from the ranking. So working with these keywords wouldn’t be bad.

But if you first start with a high competition keyword then it is very difficult to rank. Which is why many people give up for frustrating after 3-6 months of starting a website or blogging. The first thing you need to do is work with keywords that have a high search volume and low keyword competition.

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SEO Optimized Title:

You might think what is the SEO optimized title? Yes, of course, SEO optimized title is one of the most important things for your Blog Post. When you write your blog post, you must include the main keyword in the title of your blog post. It’s the most important Tips. One more thing to keep in mind is that you must need interestingly write the title. Because most visitors will be interested to read your blog post after seeing the title. If you do not know how to write interesting titles, you can pick up ideas from magazines.

Write your Blog Heading:

Remember, the heading is another important thing for your blog post. If someone starts reading your blog post after seeing the title of your blog, then they will read the heading of your blog first, if the Heading of your blog post is not nice and organized then that person will not want to read your entire blog post. Of course, you need to add your selected keyword to the blog post heading. Try adding the Long Tail keyword to the Heading of your blog post. It is very important to include long-tail keywords in the heading of the blog post. Long-tail keyword headings would be great for On-page SEO optimization.

Use Subheading or Subtitles:

Many times, many people do not use subtitles or Subheadings in their blog posts. When writing subheading, try to briefly highlight all of the content on your blog. Try adding keywords within subheading.

On-page SEO optimization Article:

The more words that need to be used to convince the reader, the more you will do it, there will be no problem. If you have to use these words repeatedly, the is, but, no, now, etc… then you can use it. There will be no problem. If you use these words, again and again, to make your article meaningful, no problem. You can use it.

Note: Don’t try to forcefully use the Maine keyword in the article body section. It can have a negative effect. You can use keyword synonyms in the body sections. Try linking to the Sam website in the articles.

Post Length:

Long blog posts help a lot of On-page SEO optimization. Try to write more than a thousand (1000) words in each of your blog posts. The longer your blog post is, the more keywords you can use in the blog post. If you write a short word blog post, you can’t use too many keywords. And if you use too many keywords in a short blog post, it might seem keyword stuffing to Google. And once Google thinks you are doing keyword stuffing, Google will exclude your site from ranking.

It is now seen that many write articles of Two-Thousand (2000) to Five-Thousands (5000) thousand words. However, my advice is that when you are writing an article or blog post, your keywords need to be placed properly. Otherwise, your post will not rank on Google. You should be careful when using keywords. Excessive use of keywords will make your article meaningless. Simply put, additional keywords can lose the beauty of your article.

Blog Post Image Optimization:

Don’t use a copyrighted image. In the image Title, try to placing keyword, Alt tag, in the image descriptions. Put the main keyword directly in the Alter tag. Do not give too large an image description, finish within 8-15 wards. Do not set the main keyword directly in the description, add some before and after.
Note: Entering the main keyword directly into the Image Title and Image Description will not be SEO friendly.
So I’m saying again, add something before or after the keyword when optimizing your blog post image.

Tags and Category For On-Page SEO Optimization:

It is important to add Tags and categories for on-page SEO optimization. Many people do not think about it. But I have personally examined the selection of tags and categories that help many on-page optimizations. And my point is, why many people don’t want to do it? for doing this we don’t need more than 5 minutes. And we only have to do it once. Due to the selection of tags and categories, our posts are nicely organized, so readers will not have trouble finding them.

Permalink For On-Page SEO Optimization:

If the title of your blog is longer then the permalink of your blog post will be longer. In this case, you can manually edit Permalink. But be careful when editing Permalink, The focus keyword must be included in the permalink of your blog post. It is very important for on-page SEO optimization.

Best On-page SEO optimization Tools:

You can use the Yoast SEO Plugin for on-page SEO optimization. This is a great plugin for the current time. Yoast SEO allows you to create a site map for your blog or website. From this plugin, you can optimize your homepage, blog posts, etc…

On-Page SEO Optimized Article Writing Services:

If you cannot write an on-page optimized article, there are some websites that you can easily buy an SEO Friendly Article.
Freelancer.com, Upwork.com & Fiverr.com


I hope you got some idea from this post about on-page SEO optimization. If you follow each of the steps above, I hope you can do on-page SEO optimization for your blog post or any page. I’m just finished writing this post here. If this post is a bit helpful to you please share it with your friends. And if you have any questions let me know in the comments section below.

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