The best secret technologies in Overwatch 2 that you don’t know about

Overwatch 2 is a game that rewards players for spending time and effort honing skills, such as optimizing damage output for each hero, learning effective positioning on each map, and working with teammates to create a strong, unified team composition. Taking the time to learn these aspects of Overwatch 2 will reward dedicated players with more wins and higher rankings than those who don’t.

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Even so, there are some hero-specific techniques that remain largely unknown among the player base and could be important in giving players a unique edge in their matches to come out on top.

10 Doomfist – Slam Cancel Overwatch 2 Doomfist Seismic Slam

Doomfist’s Seismic Slam can be used to suddenly leap great distances, literally leaping into the enemy team and causing chaos. But to travel even further, players can use a slam cancel by aiming high in the air, using Seismic Slam, and immediately using Rocket Punch or Power Block. This maintains upward momentum longer and allows Doomfist to fly farther than just a regular Seismic Slam.

Canceling with Power Block makes him an armored distraction for the enemy team to shoot at, while canceling with Rocket Punch allows him to vertically punch hard-to-reach heroes like Widowmaker or Pharah.

9 Reinhardt – Rapid Destruction Overwatch 2 Reinhardt Earthshatter

Reinhardt’s Earthshatter is one of the most powerful abilities in the game, instantly stunning any enemy caught within its wide area of ​​effect. Combined with fire attacks, hammer blows, and teammate follow-ups, a timely Earthshatter’s team kills can be made easier.

Despite this, his early frames and Reinhardt’s loud scream can allow enemies to quickly respond to him and take cover or move away from Reinhardt to avoid him. Using Earthshatter and jumping at the same time, Reinhardt can skip the opening animation and activate it much faster, surprising the enemy team and not giving them time to react.

8 Tracer – Vertical Blink Overwatch 2 Tracer Blink

Tracer’s Blink allows her to traverse the map at high speeds, useful for flanking to grab lone supports, escaping sticky situations in the blink of an eye, or flashing through shields to poke turtle enemies.

While Blink usually only allows Tracer to teleport a set distance horizontally, players can use the maps’ level geometry to their advantage by jumping and blinking towards small ledges or curved edges. Blink will bring Tracer up slightly to break through the ledge, even more so when using Blink twice to travel higher and higher, allowing her to take some unexpected flank routes.

7 Ramattra – Double Armor Overwatch 2 Ramattra Nemesis Form

Ramattra’s ultimate skill, Annihilation, can be used to consistently damage enemies around the Omnic Leader, especially when combined with the slowing effect of his Ravenous Vortex, but it also grants him a 225 Armor boost upon activation to some extra ‘tankiness’. Activating Nemesis Form also gives Ramattra 225 armor when used, as well as allowing him to block and severely reduce incoming damage.

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As such, if players activate Nemesis form for an armor boost but find themselves taking enough hits to lose the extra health, they can quickly deactivate Nemesis form and use Annihilation to instantly return to Nemesis form with new 225 armor , allowing the Ramattra tank to be hit for longer.

6 Doomfist – Turn Punch Overwatch 2 Doomfist Rocket Punch

Doomfist’s Rocket Punch is an explosive force, capable of disrupting the entire enemy team in one hit, or killing them outright if it has been empowered with Power Block. Although it travels incredibly fast, its charge time and linear movement make it somewhat predictable and easy to punish if the punch misses.

However, using a Turn Punch (moving the camera left or right and jumping at the same time during Rocket Punch’s travel time) allows players to circumvent this weakness by suddenly flying in the direction the camera was facing, allowing them to catch enemies aggressively by surprise or defensively flee around corners.

5 Sigma – Add-on Combination Overwatch 2 Sigma Plus

Sigma’s Accretion can be used for both damage and crowd control, with the gravity-controlled stone dealing significant damage in a direct hit, as well as knocking enemies to the ground for a moment of stun. Launching his primary fire of Hyperspheres after using Accrual is a surefire way to deal heavy burst damage, but Sigma can deal that damage even faster by pressing primary fire immediately after activating Accrual to cancel the animation and launch the Hyperspheres at the same time as the Acceleration. stone.

This combo heavily injures or even instantly kills some lower health characters like Tracer or Widowmaker, especially with a primary fire canceling fast melee added to the end.

4 Mercy – Resurrection Spin Overwatch 2 Mercy Resurrection

Mercy’s Resurrection is a game-changing ability, allowing her to revive dead teammates for a second wind. Combined with the burst move from her Guardian Angel ability, Mercy can quickly jump into a team fight, revive a teammate, and fly back, avoiding enemy fire. If the enemy team focuses on her during Resurrection, however, Mercy’s immobility during the long cast time makes her a vulnerable target.

Since Mercy’s large wings have a hitbox of their own and can block shots to her head from behind, rotating the camera too quickly makes her head very difficult to hit behind her rapidly rotating wings, defending her from critical hits during Resurrection.

3 Doomfist – Diagonal Punch Overwatch 2 Doomfist Rocket Punch

Doomfist’s Rocket Punch is one of Doomfist’s main movement tools, launching him a long distance at very high speed to advance across the map or escape from battles much faster than other heroes. While his straight path is effective on its own, he can become more adaptable using a Diagonal Punch. When targeting a slightly elevated ledge or object such as a fence, jumping and using Rocket Punch to collide with the edge of the object, Doomfist will slide upwards to gain useful vertical distance.

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When used with an Empowered Punch to travel even further and combined with a Seismic Slam after jumping, Doomfist can cover enormous distances in seconds and reach areas otherwise impossible.

2 D.Va – Eject Boost Overwatch 2 D.Va Eject

D.Va spends most of the match in her MEKA, firing missiles and blocking shots and abilities with her defense matrix. Once her health bar is depleted, her MEKA will break and force her to jump and eject, leaving her in her pilot form with far less health and only a weak pistol to defend against until she gains her MEKA again.

The ejection animation itself is slow and predictable, allowing enemies to focus on D.Va when she exits the mech to instantly dispose of her and prevent her from returning to her MEKA. If players hold down the jump key when exiting MEKA, however, she will jump much higher when ejecting, giving her an unexpected exit trajectory to avoid gunfire from enemies aimed at her.

1 Reaper – Fake Shadow Step Overwatch 2 Reaper Shadow Step

Reaper’s Shadow Step is key to his flanking, allowing him to effectively sneak into enemy back lines to melt the health bars of supports and tanks. Its ability to teleport to distant high ground and isolated areas of the map makes Reaper a nightmare for the enemy team to keep track of. Once found, the Reaper’s Wraith Form gives it an invulnerable chance to escape, but may be on cooldown during a fight.

In this case, players can point Shadow Step at his feet to trick enemies into thinking he’s teleporting and targeting elsewhere, as well as granting him momentary invincibility, allowing him to continue his offensive immediately after respawning. If timed carefully, this can even be used to avoid instant damage attacks like’s self-destruct if the Reaper disappears precisely during the attack.

Overwatch 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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