Overwatch 2 Player Shows How Ilari's Ultimate Interacts With Other Abilities


Illari’s ultimate, Captive Sun, pairs well with other AoE ultimates like Orisa’s Terra Surge or Sombra’s EMP. Illari’s projectile can pass through barriers created by heroes like Ramattra, Reinhardt, and Sigma. Abilities like Roadhog’s hook or Genji’s deflect can cancel or turn against the Captive Sun ultimate, respectively.

An Overwatch 2 player recently shared a helpful video shedding some light on how Illari’s ultimate interacts with the abilities of other heroes. This match-saving Overwatch 2 video gives players some quick tips for how to get the most out of Illari’s most powerful technique.

Overwatch 2 Season 6: Invasion just dropped, bringing with it an impressive amount of content. The update introduces new maps, game modes, and PvE content, but one of the most exciting features of Season 6 is Illari, a new solar-powered support hero.

Emongg, a popular Overwatch 2 streamer and content creator, just made a handy video showing off how Illari’s ultimate ability, Captive Sun, interacts with the ultimates and skills of other heroes. He shared this quick and simple video on his personal Twitter, which was later shared by the official Overwatch 2 account. This one-minute crash course can help players figure out how to make the most out of Captive Sun, and allows them to avoid pitfalls that could lead to them wasting their ult and losing a match.

Here are some tips for Illari’s Captive Sun ultimate that Emongg showcases in the video:

Illari’s ultimate combos extremely well with other AoE ultimates, such as Orisa’s Terra Surge or Sombra’s EMP. Captive Sun’s projectile passes through barriers created by characters like Ramattra, Reinhardt, and Sigma. Being stunned by Overwatch 2 abilities like Roadhog’s hook before Captive Sun is fired off cancels the ultimate. D.Va’s Defense Matrix nullifies Captive Sun projectiles. Genji can deflect Captive Sun and turn it against Illari’s team. Kiriko can cleanse the Captive Sun debuff after it hits, but before it explodes.

Few things are more frustrating in Overwatch 2 than having an ultimate ability not work out as planned, so players were thankful Emongg did this research so they wouldn’t have to. Some players are excited to try out this new character’s abilities for themselves, while others are terrified to face down other Illari on one of Overwatch 2’s new maps now that they have seen how strong her Captive Sun is.

Either way, it seems like Illari is a unique support character that packs a serious punch. This dynamic hero is already changing the meta of the game, and will give other high-damage Overwatch 2 support heroes like Moira a run for their money. Season 6: Invasion is a new dawn for Overwatch 2, and it seems like Illari’s literally making sure the future is bright.

Overwatch 2 is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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