Overwatch 2 Audio Director Confirms Staggering Number of Invasion Voice Lines


Overwatch 2’s Invasion update will bring a ton of new dialogue, with 12,000 new voice lines across 19 different heroes in the game’s PvE mode. The Invasion update introduces Flashpoint, a new PvP game mode, along with 3 story missions. The update is set to launch on August 10th, along with Season 6, which includes 80 tiers of new cosmetic content and a customizable Mythic skin for Ana.

The imminent Invasion update for Overwatch 2 is shaping up to be the game’s biggest content drop yet, and Scott Lawlor, the game’s Audio and Technical Narrative Director, has revealed that a ton of new lines of dialogue will arrive along with it. Though Overwatch 2’s PvE content has been a controversial topic since many of its features were revealed to be cut, the Invasion update will be kicking off this new game mode with three new story mission for players to enjoy.

Overwatch 2’s ambitious Invasion update is looking to bolster the game in many of its departments. Aside from the long-awaited launch of Overwatch 2’s co-operative, story-based PvE content, the Invasion update will also be introducing a new PvP game mode known as Flashpoint, which will have players competing for territory across a plethora of brand-new maps. Though it won’t be available right away, a new Hero Mastery feature will be coming to the game too, which will allow players to more effectively learn how to play as new heroes while also providing a useful environment for them to hone their skills with old favorites.

There’s no question that Overwatch 2: Invasion is looking to be a hefty update, especially considering the accompanying launch of Season 6 which will bring in a number of new cosmetics, including Overwatch 2’s next Mythic-tier skin. Though there are a lot of big features for players to look forward to, Overwatch 2’s Audio and Technical Narrative Director Scott Lawlor recently commented on this upcoming content in a post on Twitter, revealing that the PvE mode will feature a rough total of 12,000 new voice lines among the 19 different heroes playable across the mode’s three missions. Along with a massive variety of new sound effects, Lawlor claims that the game’s sound design will help players feel immersed in the world while also allowing heroes to respond accurately to in-game situations.

Plenty of new information about Overwatch 2’s Invasion update has come out as the release date draws closer, with Blizzard announcing a collaboration with John Cena and releasing a new animated short featuring Sojourn, which sets up the events of the imminent Null Sector invasion. A new trailer gives fans a better look at what to expect over the course of the upcoming season, including a glimpse into some of the PvE missions.

Overwatch 2: Invasion is set to launch on August 10th alongside Season 6, which will bring another fresh battle pass to Overwatch 2 featuring a total of 80 tiers of new cosmetic content including a brand-new customizable Mythic skin for Ana.

Overwatch 2 is available in early access on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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